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Jury Duty Day 1

I am now back from day #1 of jury duty in lower Manhattan. This is the second time I’ve been called for jury service since I turned 18. My entire day revolved around sitting in a giant room all day, doing NOTHING. It turned out that there were no cases they needed jurors for, so we all just sat in chairs with nothing to do.

There were no high powered lawyers anywhere in sight, no courthouse shootings, Law & Order style. There was an old fat guy who seemed a bit out of it though, but it turned out not to be Fred Thompson. Oh, but I did get yelled at by a security guard for moving a chair 6 inches! That was fun.

I was DEFINITELY glad to have an ipod with me, otherwise I might have had to do something drastic, like READ! Horrors…

I need to go back downtown again tomorrow morning for Day #2, I don’t want to make it onto a jury, but it would be nice if SOMETHING happened. Maybe, at the least, someone interesting to talk to.



October 11, 2007 5:32 pm - Posted by | New York, notes, NYC, politics, tv

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  1. […] least today we didn’t sit around and do nothing. We actually had some suspense throughout the day, we had lawyers come down who needed jurors for […]

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