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Ian Mckellen Plays King Lear

After watching Hamlet last week, I decided to check out the Ian Mckellen version of King Lear from the Royal Shakespeare Company on PBS (click here to watch the entire performance).

Now, that I’ve seen the play, I wish I had watched the two plays in opposite order. I loved Ian Mckellen‘s performance as the king, but the entire production just wasn’t as entertaining as Hamlet. Looking back, it is probably due to my love of the Hamlet over pretty much every other work of Shakespeare. It was interesting to see the classical dress compared to the Hamlet production. The intrigue and scheming still holds up today, which amazes me considering how long ago the play was written. Check it out.

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Mamma Mia Review

I went along to see Mamma Mia today. I didn’t know what to expect from it since I had never seen the theatrical production and the only exposure I had to it was seeing the theater posters and the movie trailer itself. After watching Meryl‘s last two movies (Lions for Lambs and Rendition) I was really hoping to see a GOOD movie from Meryl Streep and maybe even a film where she looks like she’s having some fun, especially since I don’t think the scripts of those last two movies gave her a whole lot to work with.

I can’t say that I liked this movie, but then again this really wasn’t a movie geared toward me, I must say though, the grown ups in the film (Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård, Julie Walters and Christine Baranski) seem to be having all the fun in this film. Everyone else… including the young couple that is supposed to be getting married (Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper) just seem undeveloped and uninteresting.

Whenever the grownups were on screen, the story felt somewhat interesting and amusing, but once they were off camera, the story sagged with their absence. The script tried to show parallels between mother (Streep) and daughter (Seyfried), both had their two best friends come to meet them for the wedding, both groups had similar reactions to seeing each other for the first time and then later in the film they paralleled the scenes between both groups of friends after the bachelorette party, but there was no comparison, Streep and Baranksi far out shadow the younger generation in this film.

My biggest complaint about this film though, is that nobody seems to care about the Dominic Cooper‘s character, not even the woman who is supposed to be marrying him! No matter what happens, he seems to love her unconditionally (not that that’s a bad thing, mind you), but in the one scene where there’s tension between him and his fiancee (where the whole fight is her fault, by the way) he gets mad and walks away, but instead of Seyfried running after him or at least making sure to mend fences, she just walks away assuming that he’ll get over the whole thing and because he is such a shallowly written character, she was right and there were no consequences. Then at the very end of the film, something similar happens to her on a boat in the shadows, but I don’t want to give away the end of the movie.

It was fun watching Brosnan, Firth and Skarsgård having a lot of fun and make fools of themselves throughout the film especially throughout the credit cookies, but I must say, Streep and Baranski were definitely having the most fun of anyone.

I would never recommend this film to any of my guy friends and I don’t know if I’d recommend it to my female friends either, but I did see a lot of women who left that enjoyed the film and if you are a big musical fan or just a big ABBA or Meryl Streep junkie, you might like it.

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August: Osage County

I just got back from taking my family out to see the new Broadway play August: Osage County and this was one of the most entertaining ways to spend 3 hours. The show started promptly at 7:30pm and ended at a quarter to 11pm after two intermissions.

I don’t want to give too much away about the plot, other than to say that this was a story that deals with a very dysfunctional family brought together after a family tragedy having to deal with long dormant issues.

The play won a Pulitzer prize and the cast does a wonderful job with this masterful script. The only issue I had with the play is that there were moments that were so funny that the laughter in the audience would drown out some of the dialogue (it’s tough when you’re essentially complaining that a show is too funny). I thought this was a great play, I LOVED August: Osage County but for those who are sensitive, the language is quite foul. Any work that can keep me guessing throughout the entire play on what was going to happen next and make me wonder just how this show could end is a definite success in my book. Not to mention that this show has one of the most impressive sets I’ve seen in a recent play, the whole play takes place in and around this family’s 3 level house and watching the cast move up and down all three levels of this house is amazing to see.

I hope some day to see this production move to the silver screen.

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Mamma Mia the Movie

I saw the trailer for the Mamma Mia! movie last time I went to the movies. Now, I didn’t have any idea what the Broadway musical, that this film is based on, was about… actually, my only knowledge of it comes solely from this poster:

After watching the trailer (available in HD here at Moviefone or you can just watch the trailer below), seeing Meryl Streep was starring in the film got me interested and I know at least one person who will probably watch the film JUST for Streep (Tara, am I right?), but I must admit, I’ve liked Pierce Brosnan since Remington Steele, he was a good James Bond and Laws of Attraction was predictable but fun to watch.

Who knows, maybe this movie adaptation will be good, although I’m still a bit skeptical from the trailer.

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