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The Week of The Daily Show for May 8th, 2010

This week was interesting, watching the ever growing news story about the car bomb in NYC’s Time Square unfold in the span of a couple of days.
Vodpod videos no longer available.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

The national news just keeps growing, it’s not enough to have car bombs in NYC and BP’s oil spill off the coast of New Orleans, Louisiana, but now we have 10 feet of flooding in Nashville, Tennessee
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Here is a lovely clip of Howard Dean‘s political hypocrisy when a former party member leaves that political party to run as an independent in an upcoming election along with amazingly contradictory feelings about what the American people want
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Is this really what happens to America when I leave for more than 4 months? Really!?!?



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Snopes.com Roundup of Politics, Barack Obama, Al Gore and Healthcare

I stumbled upon Snopes.com, the internet’s rumor debunking website, think of it like a one stop shop for internet investigative journalism, usually revolving around news stories that swarm bulk email inboxes. I’m including a handful of interesting stories I came across tonight on all types of political rumors, some true, others untrue and still more that are a mixture of fact and fiction:

1. President Obama‘s Hawaiian birth certificate a forgery: FALSE

2. Barack Obama does not qualify as a natural-born US citizen, thus would not qualify for President of the US: FALSE

3. A recent executive order by President Obama grants INTERPOL diplomatic immunity and will now be able to investigate any American without having to adhere to American’s constitutional rights: Mixture of truth and falsehoods

4. The US healthcare bills passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate MAY be considered unconstitutional: TRUE

5. Al Gore‘s Tennessee home was less energy efficient than George W. Bush‘s Texas ranch: TRUE (hey, that surprised me too! I rarely say this but GOOD JOB BUSH!)

6. Al Gore‘s home consumes more than the average American household: Mixture of truth and falsehoods

Lastly, my favorite article of the night:

7. Al Gore claims he invented the internet: FALSE

Thanks to Snopes for providing an evening of quality learning entertaining.



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