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Tech Roundup for the Week, Roger Ebert’s New Voice, US National Broadband Internet, Apple vs Google and even Nanomicrochips Inside Living Cells

There were a few interesting technology related stories I came across while sifting through Engadget recently, so I thought I would share what I found.

First, Roger Ebert, one of the most profound and prolific film reviewers in history has had many medical problems of late, thankfully he is still with us and reviewing films again, the problem is after all his health ordeals, he was left without a lower jaw and unable to speak… until now with some interesting help from CereProc. Here is the Engadget article, but just watch the video below, it’s hard to deny that this is an amazing step forward in science:

Recently, the FCC submitted its National Broadband Plan (download the pdf) to Congress, which includes a laundry list of goals for the next decade, essentially to provide access for “every American” to “robust broadband services,” meaning 100 million US homes with “affordable” access with 100MBps download and 50Mbps upload speeds, which sounds wonderful, but let’s see what their definition of affordable turns out to be. Here is the Engadget story with the reactions from Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Google and Comcast executives.

The above illustration is from Daniel Adel of the New York Times and it adds to the hyperbole around the idea that Google and Apple chief executives that were once close are now at war, iPhone/iPad vs Android. Here is the Endadget article that goes into the details.

Lastly, it looks like we’re on the road to implanting microprocessors… or in this case even smaller nanoprocessors into living cells. At this point, current research has been able to obtain 90% cell survival after such a dramatic procedure. It will be interesting to see where this ultimately takes us in the coming decades. Here is the Engadget story along with the original research article by Gómez-Martínez R.



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Why oh Why Goateesaver?!

OK, it has been a while since I wrote about stupid tech, but when the lovely Denise sent me this, I had to respond publicly.

After watching the video demo from Goatee Saver, I… I… I just can’t believe it has come to this. Do guys REALLY need to chomp on some ginormous contraption that brings us just that much closer to looking like Darth Vader while we shave!?!?!

Why couldn’t this have just remained vaporware?

Thanks to Gizmodo for the above pic.


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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog from Joss Whedon

Now, I don’t know how long this 3 part miniseries from Joss Whedon will remain online, but if you haven’t seen it, try and catch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog here.

Dr. Horrible is a 3 part miniseries starring Neil Patrick Harris (yes, Doogie Howser), Felicia Day (from The Guild [subscribe here]) and Joss Whedon regular, Nathon Fillion.

I don’t usually like musicals, but a Joss Whedon musical is different, just watch the Buffy musical, Once More with Feeling, to see what I mean,

For now at least, this miniseries is free via Hulu.com, but you can keep it by buying it off of iTunes by purchasing each individual episode for $1.99 or get the season pass for $4.99 and it will eventually be released on DVD, which I will buy in a heartbeat.

Thanks to Stuff.co.nz for the above pic.

Hope you all get to enjoy it


*8/2/2008 Update* As of right now, the entire 3 acts of Dr. Horrible have been combined into one 42 minute movie and are available to watch via the Official site and Hulu.

*8/9/2008 Update* Or watch it here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

*9/1/2008 Update* Thanks to Nathan Fillion for sharing Dr. Horrible’s iPhone remote van controls from Act I.

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Free Access to Encyclopædia Britannica Online

Free access to Encyclopædia Britannica is now available online for “online publishers.” What does that mean? Well, it means that anyone who writes regularly (bloggers, webmasters or any writer) should be able to access this new offer without paying the $70/year subscription fee.

I wanted to test this out, so I went to Encyclopedia Britannica’s registration form and filled it out. Hopefully I’ll find out soon how this turns out. If I get access to this, it will mean I can add free links to Britannica‘s pages with relevant content, instead of depending so heavily on Wikipedia. I don’t know how long it will take to get access to this though, since they claim to look over every single registrant for this offer.

Thanks to the amazing Buzz Out Loud (subscribe here), it was their 707th episode that brought this to my attention, yeah that’s right, they’ve released over 700 episodes already! They ROCK! Also, thanks to NowSourcing for the above pic.


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The Apple “i” – College Humor

CollegeHumor (subscribe here) has come out with another funny video. This time, they ape Apple‘s Steve Jobs‘ traditional keynote style with their new video, called The Apple “i.”

The whole thing perfectly captures the reality distortion field that Steve Jobs seems to bring to anything Apple!

Thanks to CollegeHumor for the above pic.

Check it out


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Hawaii Chair… Wait, This Product is REAL?!?!

I first saw the Hawaii Chair infomercial on youtube and thought it was a gag product, I didn’t think it was real. Then I saw clips of it demoed on Attack of the Show and The Digg Reel! I still can’t believe that anyone would actually try and get any work done while riding this combination mechanical bull and 1950’s style vibrating belt exercise machine! Knowing it’s real, makes me wish it was just another case of vaporware.


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Macbook Air Idea Stolen from Brian Hogg!

This is a really funny short from Brian Hogg over at dobBoom that explains how Steve Jobs REALLY got his idea for the new Macbook Air.

dotBoom is a great adult oriented puppet video podcast. No, adult oriented does NOT mean this is puppet porn!

Enjoy it.


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A Month of Engadget News Just Before CES

I just got done going through the humongous backlog of unread Engadget stories I hadn’t had time to read over the past month (995 to be exact) and I wanted to highlight a few of the more interesting ones that caught my eye just before the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off.

First there’s the potentially fetishistic and definitely creepy/weird vibrating bluetooth bracelet.

Then President Clinton, while speaking in Iowa was heckled by a robot protester! Don’t worry though, he can handle himself.

How about a 10+ inch, 10mm thick, color plastic LCD display?

Lonely? Ever thought about building a creepy $30 android for that needed companionship?

Hey, wow look at that, Former President Clinton is BACK and this time reveals he uses an iPhone… the man even signs it too!

You know, there are some days when I’m so lazy I wont walk across a room to charge my cell phone… look at what some people in India go through for their cell phones. It makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

My handwriting is already illegible as it is, I can’t imagine writing any smaller than I already do, so seeing the whole Bible written on something smaller than a grain of rice is pretty daunting.

Now, for the winner in vaporware keyboard technology, Art Lebedev and his LCD touchpad keyboard.

I also want to try the pillow that relaxes you, using light and sound, but yet manages to look like a whoopee cushion.

I am very excited that you can now order a mac tablet computer here through pretty much the only official 3rd party Apple builder. It’s called the Modbook and it uses Wacom tablet technology.

Are you tired of those prankster scientist friends of yours, always putting ink on your microscope viewfinder, giving you raccoon eyes? Well, no more, enjoy the newest LCD view microscope.

Get the Pinnacle Video Transfer if you want to bring ANY analog video onto your portable usb video player (that means you iPod and PSP).

Now, saving the BEST for last, learn how to REALLY play the guitar using a REAL guitar with Guitar Wizard! Stop wasting your time with Guitar Hero! At least with Rock Band, you can learn to play drums.

Thanks Swiftpage for the picture.


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What Really Happened to the Home Made X-Wing

Above is the originally video I saw about the home made ~$7,000 x-wing launch, but a few days later, I found a second video that offered the TRUTH as to what made the x-wing go boom. I’ve put THAT video below.


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Holiday Shopping and Sales

With Thanksgiving here in the US, it’s now time to think about holiday shopping if you haven’t done so already. Well, the best way to do this is to look for the best sales. Why pay more for the same product later when you can get it now deeply reduced in price, right?

This is where the web and technology can help. I was listening to the PCMag radio podcast (here’s the iTunes subscription link as well) and they gave 3 great sites that unleash holiday sales secrets upon the public, sometimes before all those circulars go out in newspapers and even before some companies even want you to know about their sales prices.

So, here are 3 good sites that can help you find all those in store and web only sales deals for things like books, movies, tv shows, technology goodies, clothing or whatever else you want.

Black Friday Ads, Deal News and Black Friday Gear.

If you find anything that you actually end up buying after going to any of these sites, don’t forget to let me know about it. I know I’m going to be looking for a backup hard drive to back up all my data.

Happy Shopping!


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