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Verizon Customer Support

I usually end up complaining about or making fun of things when I write here, but today is a bit different. I always hear stories of bad customer support when calling big companies. Well, today I called up Verizon to cancel a phone line that we no longer used anymore. I must say, I was happily surprised, from dialing the number to hanging up, the whole thing only took 15 minutes and it was no hassle, the support tech was polite and didn’t try and hound me about keeping a service I didn’t need.

We still use Verizon for a single standard phone line, internet and cell phone service, so I am extremely happy with Verizon, we just didn’t need to maintain one of the old phone lines we had. It might seem silly to highlight this experience, but if I’m going to complain when companies mess up, I might as well put a spotlight on companies that are doing things right that I hope they will continue and other companies will emulate.

Thanks to DVDGuy for the above pic and good job Verizon!



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Tech Roundup for the Week, Roger Ebert’s New Voice, US National Broadband Internet, Apple vs Google and even Nanomicrochips Inside Living Cells

There were a few interesting technology related stories I came across while sifting through Engadget recently, so I thought I would share what I found.

First, Roger Ebert, one of the most profound and prolific film reviewers in history has had many medical problems of late, thankfully he is still with us and reviewing films again, the problem is after all his health ordeals, he was left without a lower jaw and unable to speak… until now with some interesting help from CereProc. Here is the Engadget article, but just watch the video below, it’s hard to deny that this is an amazing step forward in science:

Recently, the FCC submitted its National Broadband Plan (download the pdf) to Congress, which includes a laundry list of goals for the next decade, essentially to provide access for “every American” to “robust broadband services,” meaning 100 million US homes with “affordable” access with 100MBps download and 50Mbps upload speeds, which sounds wonderful, but let’s see what their definition of affordable turns out to be. Here is the Engadget story with the reactions from Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Google and Comcast executives.

The above illustration is from Daniel Adel of the New York Times and it adds to the hyperbole around the idea that Google and Apple chief executives that were once close are now at war, iPhone/iPad vs Android. Here is the Endadget article that goes into the details.

Lastly, it looks like we’re on the road to implanting microprocessors… or in this case even smaller nanoprocessors into living cells. At this point, current research has been able to obtain 90% cell survival after such a dramatic procedure. It will be interesting to see where this ultimately takes us in the coming decades. Here is the Engadget story along with the original research article by Gómez-Martínez R.



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Verizon Wireless Hits AT&T Where it Hurts… Their Highspeed Network Coverage

Verizon Wireless has come out with some pretty scathing advertisements recently and now, they have started cranking out a fresh set of new Christmas themed ads… sure it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but the early bird catches the worm, right?

Now I still think the iPhone on AT&T is still going to sell better than gangbusters this holiday season, but now AT&T‘s biggest competitor is really taking their ad campaign hard at AT&T‘s sparse 3G internet network availability.

Thanks to Engadget for pointing this out!



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