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90 Degree Prism Glasses

OK, at first, I thought this was more stupid tech brought to my attention from the glorious Geekologie from their post here. I thought the only use for this would be for casanovas to wear these glasses in bars and clubs, the whole time, looking down the blouses of the women they were talking with… once I read a little about it, I realized, even though this really wouldn’t be terribly useful for consumers to own, if MRI labs in hospitals or in other medical facilities bought a handful of these for their patients, this would be an interesting new way to make, what is normally an uncomfortable 20min-60+min test, a more bareable experience. I know some facilities offer patients headphones, so they can listen to music, but music may not help fight the clawing feeling of claustrophobia as much as a pair of glasses, which allow a patient to see through the MRI tube to the open air outside the machine, instead of having to look directly at the top of the enclosure they are stuck inside for so long.

Thanks to SkyMall for maybe, creating something somewhat useful for once, instead of their usual fare


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Battery Muncher

You may not have realized it, but Geekologie knew you needed this technology (which is under $13), so they reported about it here.

Do you have AA batteries lying around your house that you want to waste? Then buy this device! Do you want to look at this ugly ass toy (magnetically attached to your fridge or nailed to your wall), whose only function is to use that battery power to light up its LED eyes? Then rush out to a useless tech toy store near you!… err, I mean buy it online. Do you want to give a gift that people will laugh at you for? Here’s the perfect option

If you are going to create something called the Battery Muncher, then make a toy that actually MUNCHES on batteries and finds a way to dispose of them (and since it’s potentially a children’s toy, either find a way to dispose of them safely or do a complete 180 and cover the whole thing with yummy lead paint).


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Onion – Situation In Nigeria Seems Pretty Complex

The Onion has released yet another funny fake news video of a panel trying to discuss a news story coming from Nigeria, when only the moderator of the panel has any idea what is going on in the country. Watching an entire panel trying to sound like they all know what they are talking about, when they probably couldn’t even point out the country on the map, just like a lot of US Americans, is absolutely side splitting.

Subscribe to their future videos through iTunes over here, otherwise, subscribe here or just watch the video below.


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Wilhelm Scream

After reading about the Wilhelm Scream years ago from Hollywood Lost and Found, Net@Nite brought it up in their most recent episode after they found a compilation of some of the most famous film moments with this, truly classic, post production sound effect. I was also able to find a few more interesting clips, one was another compilation set (with some repeats, but some funny new ones too) as well as a clip of the history behind the clip, some of which is told from the founder of Hollywood Lost and Found, coincidently. The whole thing is hilarious, my favorite moment is when Luke shoots a stormtrooper and he falls down the open shaft in the original Star Wars.


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Astronomically Amazing

This is just one picture from an amazing series of NASA shots from space as the astronauts were out spacewalking. The NASA gallery can be found here.

Thanks to Dvorak.org/blog for the post.


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Gateway One vs the Apple iMac

It looks like Gateway is sending a shot across the bow of Apple’s iMac, releasing their own version of a full all-in-one desktop called Gateway One. The price ranges from $1,300-$1,800, so it falls in the middle of the iMac‘s price range. The only problem seems to be that the screen is only 19 inches, compared to the iMac, which ranges from 20-24 inches. The big advantage to the Gateway One is that you can swap out the hard drives when they start to fill up (even though they come with 320-500 gb drives).

I still think the iMac is a better deal for home users, since they still don’t have to think about viruses and malware at this point, but it’s good to see Gateway competing.

Thanks need to go to Engadget for the article(s) with all the deets and areacode212 over at flickr for the original pic (which I edited a bit since I didn’t know any of the people in the original pic)


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Apple G4 Mailbox

Do you hate your old boring mailbox? Do punk kids pummel  your mailbox when you aren’t home? Want to show the entire neighborhood how big of a geek you have become?

Why not take your old G4 Apple tower and replace that old, boring mailbox (a great excuse to buy a new computer too!). Thanks Geekologie for the post.


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Master Chief is All Famous and Regal

Those hard at work scouring the news over at Geekologie uncovered the best geek prank since the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Mooninite scandal here and I must say, you MIT gamers are dedicated, bravo.

Future generations will now remember Master Chief for building the Harvard campus and destroying the aliens that had initially overrun the campus all those many years ago, Microsoft created the original Halo storyline in hopes of retelling this heroic story to today’s youth. For a more detailed telling of this story, just watch Alien vs Predator Requiem when it comes out, until then, check out the HD trailer or just watch it here.


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Hotel Chevalier Prologue FREE through iTunes

Wes Anderson has released his 13 minute prologue to The Darjeeling Limited on iTunes a bit early (this is how quirky directors create buzz… by making a short film to pique your interest) according to this article from the sexiest of people over at iwatchstuff. This short is intended to play prior to the film (now also free through iTunes) to shed some light on Jason Schwartzman‘s character, but the best part is that it features Natalie Portman and from what I understand, she doesn’t remain entirely clothed for the whole 13 minutes. Download the the prologue through iTunes here.

Thanks to theplaylist for the above image.


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Want to look at your watch and not know the time?!

Did you ever want to know the time, decide to look at your watch and then realize you forgot your watch at home? Well, this is just like that, except even when you remember to wear THIS watch, you realize you still don’t know the time! The best part is, it will only set you back $152.91 to feel like the big galoot who wears a watch that doesn’t need to tell you the time, why should the watch actually tell you the time when you pay less than $153?!?! I need to stop before I start foaming at the mouth here about this

Thanks Geekologie for showing me the light (just not the time) with this one.


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