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MUTO – By Blu, Stop-Motion Animated on Public Walls

MUTO is an amazing visual experience. This short film by Blu was created using stop motion animation in Buenos Aires to painstakingly create this 7min short film. I’ll let the film speak for itself, just check it out.

Thanks to Diggnation (subscribe here) for mentioning it on a recent episode and thanks to Blu for the above pic.



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The Birds… Minus Those Pesky Birds Re-edit by Martijn Hendriks

In a similar vein to Garfield Minus Garfield, we have Martijn Hendriks taking the classic Hitchock film The Birds and digitally editing out all the birds that the movie is named for, frame by painstaking frame as part of an art project called Give Us Today Our Daily Terror which is slated for completion in 2008.

There are currently only 3 excerpts (1, 2, 3) available and some movie stills, but this is an interesting project that you should check out. I can’t wait to see what the final 2 hour movie will be like.



I would give credit to where I heard about this art project from, but for the life of me I can not remember which podcast mentioned it recently. If anybody knows, can you leave a comment or email me about it, I feel bad not attributing where I found out about this from.

*Update 10-21-2009 – Thanks to DailyCosas 2.0, there’s also this trailer to a funny prequel to The Birds, called The Eggs, which was created by NYSUfilms:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Indiana Jones 4

It has been a long time since the last installment of the Indiana Jones movie series and not only is Indy back, he unearths an old friend, Marion Ravenwood, a blast from the past (Raiders of the Lost Ark from 1981). I know this film has been getting mixed reviews, especially with the silly sounding official title: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

After watching the movie, there are a few interesting things of note. I was worried thinking about seeing Harrison Ford (65 years old) as Indy again, but from the first scene, when he picks up his hat, he just exudes Indy. My only problem with Indy was best stated by Alex Albrecht on The Totally Rad Show (subscribe here) when he wished they hadn’t turned Indy into an invincible superhero and I completely agreed with that sentiment after the refrigerator scene. Another issue I had was with the heavy handed use of CGI… especially unnecessary/bad CGI.

The movie was definitely fun to watch (how can Indy NOT be fun to watch?), but the movie wasn’t exciting, there were no real edge of your seat moments. There were times when it felt more like I was watching The Da Vinci Code, Sherlock Holmes or National Treasure, than Indiana Jones which was disappointing.

Even with all that going against it, I still had a good time at the theater, but the person I saw it with fell asleep a couple of times (remember that not exciting quality I mentioned earlier?). I did love watching how Spielberg was able to create an incredibly violent movie, but because most of the gun violence takes place off camera, it seems like a much lighter movie than it really is, it always amazes me just how effective leaving things to your imagination is for a film maker, instead of showing every bit of violence and gore possible,

Thanks to Costumzee for the above pic.


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After loving the movie Juno, finding this movie trailer spoof called Jewno, just made me laugh. I can’t believe they got J.K. Simmons to help with this, he’s one of my favorite niche actors. Also, the 92nd st Y mug was a nice touch.

I originally found it on Funny or Die because of the GREAT podcast The 404 (subscribe here), which I am extremely backlogged with this podcast (I’m 2 months behind), so I gotta go try and catch up now.



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Rwandan Success Stories

Normally the news I hear coming out of Africa, especially in places like Rwanda has been terribly depressing, whether its being forgotten about by the western world, disease or ethnic strife.

Well, after finally finding some positive and uplifting news being reported by Washington Post, I figured I HAD to share (subscribe to Washington Post HD video stories here).

This is a video (watch the HD version here) shining a light on some success stories coming out of Rwanda, highlighting the positive role women have played in the emergence of business (especially in coffee exports) after the horrific genocide that the country went through during the 1990’s.

Thanks to Wooden Bike Coffee for the above pic.



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Ant Whisperer – Nova

If you want to watch an interesting short video that explains how ants are able to communicate with one another, check out this Nova (subscribe here) video called The Ant Whisperer.

It is an interesting view of how these extremely intelligent creatures interact using chemicals and even ignoring what’s visually apparent. If you like this short video, check out the full production (Lord of the Ants) from PBS Nova‘s site here.



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August: Osage County

I just got back from taking my family out to see the new Broadway play August: Osage County and this was one of the most entertaining ways to spend 3 hours. The show started promptly at 7:30pm and ended at a quarter to 11pm after two intermissions.

I don’t want to give too much away about the plot, other than to say that this was a story that deals with a very dysfunctional family brought together after a family tragedy having to deal with long dormant issues.

The play won a Pulitzer prize and the cast does a wonderful job with this masterful script. The only issue I had with the play is that there were moments that were so funny that the laughter in the audience would drown out some of the dialogue (it’s tough when you’re essentially complaining that a show is too funny). I thought this was a great play, I LOVED August: Osage County but for those who are sensitive, the language is quite foul. Any work that can keep me guessing throughout the entire play on what was going to happen next and make me wonder just how this show could end is a definite success in my book. Not to mention that this show has one of the most impressive sets I’ve seen in a recent play, the whole play takes place in and around this family’s 3 level house and watching the cast move up and down all three levels of this house is amazing to see.

I hope some day to see this production move to the silver screen.

Thanks to August on Broadway for the above pic.



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Free Access to Encyclopædia Britannica Online 2

Well, a few weeks ago I told you about how to get free access to Encyclopaedia Britannica Online and I had to post an update. I just received an email from the Britannica team and was able to set up my free access for the next year.

So, as an update I will start interspersing links to Britannica (instead of something like this or this) along with the usual suspects of regular informational links that I’ve used (wikipedia, imdb, citizendium).

Make sure to let me know what you think by posting comments about the addition of these new links quality wise.

Thanks to SEWilco for the above picture.


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Wine Library TV Conan O’Brien

Most mainstream podcasts seem to come out of the west coast, but Wine Library TV is made daily out of NYC and tonight, the host of Gary Vaynerchuk held a viewing party tonight for his Late Night with Conan O’Brien viewing party for his second appearance on Conan‘s show.

It was a blast watching Conan with Gary (who hosted the event) and a few dozen of his NYC upper east side fans at Bounce. I even got two free glasses of wine out of the whole affair (one red, one white) and I don’t normally even like the vino, I’m more of a beer guy myself.

It was a total blast at the Gary Vaynerchuk viewing party, I HIGHLY recommend subscribing to the high energy daily Wine Library TV (subscribe here). Oh, buy his book 101 Wines here.

Thanks to NY Magazine for the above pic and thanks to Gary for the AWESOME night!


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The Empire Strikes Barack

Earlier this week, Around the Net (subscribe here) unearthed a funny political video that already got over a million hits in which clips from the original (and best) Star Wars trilogy (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi) were mixed together with clips and pics of presidential figures like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

This is a hilarious video that any political fan/film wonk needs to see!



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