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F-15s in Grenada

For the past week or so, surrounding President Obama‘s trip to Trinidad for the 2009 Summit of the Americas, we have had dozens of F-15 flybys in two jet tandems. They are the fastest, noisiest and most chest pumpingly awe inspiring show of US might and it has been bringing an American shaped tear to my eye every time I see one, even if they have also been flying by at 1am, 4am, 6am (waking tons of people up, but not me, since I sleep like the dead) as well as during random points throughout the day and evening. Whenever they fly by, it makes me think of Team America: World Police: “America, FUUUUCKK YEAAHHHH.”

I just wish we could see one of them just shoot something down or blow up a tree or watch them do SOMETHING explodey. God, I miss America being at school here in Grenada. While walking back from lab today, two more flew by and someone yelled out “TAKE ME WITH YOU” and that brought a huge laugh from a lot of surrounding people.

OK, that was my International news update

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DARPA and the DEKA Arm from the Creator of the Segway

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I found this 60 Minutes news story about the recent advances in prosthetic limbs fromĀ Dean Kamen‘s (the inventor of the Segway) company DEKA. It totally floored me just how far this new upper limb technology has come.

Regardless of your politics, this is an amazing new advance coming out of the DARPA funded research.



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Grenada at Late Sunset in April

I had to take a break to share this wonderful panorama I took of tonight’s sunset, I wish I had caught it a bit earlier while the sun was still visible in the sky, but I’ll try and get a better version soon.



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