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I thought you’d appreciate the crazy… I wanted to order some minor electronics to help me build an LED circuit (a capacitor and a timer), which totaled $3 and change, but when I saw that the shipping charge alone was over $6 and the fact that RadioShack.com has a similar deal to Amazon (free shipping on $25+ orders).

So, I went sifting though the Radio Shack site for some other things that I already was going to buy to bump it up to $25. I started with everything on my Amazon wish lists (ex: Hellgate: London and Soon I Will Be Invincible) and got nothing, but I then started looking at video games and stumbled on Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga… I had wanted to get the game for a while, especially since the only real knock against it that I had heard/read was that it was not very new or different from older versions of the game, but since I have never played any version of the game, I figure that I’ll fully enjoy it all for the first time.

So, I ended up getting a $49.99 game that I wanted so that I could avoid $6 shipping on a $3 item.

Just thought I should share the insanity with you.


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Free Access to Encyclop√¶dia Britannica Online 2

Well, a few weeks ago I told you about how to get free access to Encyclopaedia Britannica Online and I had to post an update. I just received an email from the Britannica team and was able to set up my free access for the next year.

So, as an update I will start interspersing links to Britannica (instead of something like this or this) along with the usual suspects of regular informational links that I’ve used (wikipedia, imdb, citizendium).

Make sure to let me know what you think by posting comments about the addition of these new links quality wise.

Thanks to SEWilco for the above picture.


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Jury Duty Day 2

This is the end of day #2 of my jury duty service, thankfully, I didn’t follow Pauly Shore‘s footsteps and actually get picked for a jury (and yes, sadly I HAVE seen the absolutely terrible film Jury Duty, at least I only caught it on tape and not in theaters).

At least today we didn’t sit around and do nothing. We actually had some suspense throughout the day, we had lawyers come down who needed jurors for their case, so there was a long roll call to see who would end up being put in the potential juror pool for vetting by the case lawyers. They called out 25 people, but mine wasn’t one of them, so I was able to relax… until later after lunch, they said they still needed more people and ended up calling up 5 more people, but again I was not a part of this secondary pool.

The biggest difference though between today and yesterday was that I actually found an interesting person to talk with during the day. He worked as a finance guy at a marketing company. We had an entertaining conversation about the politics, until a very annoying woman shushed us.

Thankfully this was my last day of jury service. This means it’s back to work for me on Monday. My two days of jury service now gets me out of further jury duty burdens for the next 2-4 years.
Thanks to It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Blog to Cry for the idea for the pic.


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Jury Duty Day 1

I am now back from day #1 of jury duty in lower Manhattan. This is the second time I’ve been called for jury service since I turned 18. My entire day revolved around sitting in a giant room all day, doing NOTHING. It turned out that there were no cases they needed jurors for, so we all just sat in chairs with nothing to do.

There were no high powered lawyers anywhere in sight, no courthouse shootings, Law & Order style. There was an old fat guy who seemed a bit out of it though, but it turned out not to be Fred Thompson. Oh, but I did get yelled at by a security guard for moving a chair 6 inches! That was fun.

I was DEFINITELY glad to have an ipod with me, otherwise I might have had to do something drastic, like READ! Horrors…

I need to go back downtown again tomorrow morning for Day #2, I don’t want to make it onto a jury, but it would be nice if SOMETHING happened. Maybe, at the least, someone interesting to talk to.


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Welcome to my Raad blog, here you will be able to find all those cool websites, gadgets, movie trailers, video clips and podcasts that catch my eye and generally distract me from all the other work I REALLY should be doing!


End of line.

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