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Chainsaw Maid – The World’s Most Graphically Violent Claymation

After watching the short claymation film Chainsaw Maid from The Digg Reel (subscribe here), I knew that I had to share it. Claymation has always had a place in my heart starting with Gumby and Penny (from Pee Wee’s Playhouse) and more recently with Knox toons, but this is quite different… and much more violent.

Enjoy the short film, but remember, I warned you.


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Democratic National Convention Goes High Tech

Throughout this week, the Democratic National Convention is going on in Denver (catch the live HD feed here), but for all those people who are too busy to catch the speeches and spectacle live, their official website is presenting all the video on demand in HD, you can even subscribe here to their feed to get all the updated videos as they’re released or just check out their video gallery here.

Just check out Ted Kennedy‘s speech from earlier in the week to get an idea of the quality here. I just hope the Republican National Convention coming up is as technologically savvy!

Thanks to Minnesota Public Radio for the above pic.



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Sharing My Insanity

I thought you’d appreciate the crazy… I wanted to order some minor electronics to help me build an LED circuit (a capacitor and a timer), which totaled $3 and change, but when I saw that the shipping charge alone was over $6 and the fact that RadioShack.com has a similar deal to Amazon (free shipping on $25+ orders).

So, I went sifting though the Radio Shack site for some other things that I already was going to buy to bump it up to $25. I started with everything on my Amazon wish lists (ex: Hellgate: London and Soon I Will Be Invincible) and got nothing, but I then started looking at video games and stumbled on Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga… I had wanted to get the game for a while, especially since the only real knock against it that I had heard/read was that it was not very new or different from older versions of the game, but since I have never played any version of the game, I figure that I’ll fully enjoy it all for the first time.

So, I ended up getting a $49.99 game that I wanted so that I could avoid $6 shipping on a $3 item.

Just thought I should share the insanity with you.


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Morgan Freeman is The Narrator

Here is Morgan Freeman in The Narrator. If you want the best movie of the year… this is not it, but if you want one of the best narrators in history waxing philosophically about, well, narrating, this is for you. The whole thing is quite meta and extremely soothing.

Thanks to The Digg Reel (subscribe here) for pointing out this video.


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Bees with Penn & Teller – Behind the Scenes with Penn Says

The above video is a great act from Penn & Teller in which they magically produced 1 million bees from thin air and challenged “Siegfried & Leroy” as well as many other performers in the process. I bring up this blast from magic’s past because of a recent episode of Penn Says (subscribe here) where Penn explains the horrifically hilarious back story that went along with that trick.



Oh yeah, check out that back story below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Pineapple Express Review

I enjoyed Knocked Up and I have been anticipating seeing Pineapple Express ever since I saw Seth Rogen flying off  a ledge to jump on top of Lumbergh… er, Gary Cole, even though I wasn’t looking forward to seeing James Franco as the buddy stoner though since I hated him in all the Spider-Man movies.

As I was watching the film, I had a problem believing how well the main characters were handling the situation they were put in, one minute they were scared stiff (rightfully) and the next they were  doing things no regular person would be  able to do… but once I was able to let go of reality though, I thought this was just a whole lot of fun to watch.

It has been a long time since I saw Rosie Perez in a film and surprisingly, she may be the only woman that makes getting hit in the face hilarious. She did a great job throughout the film, with a role that may have fallen by the wayside with a less talented comedic actress. The best part of the movie in the end though was James Franco, he had me laughing through so many scenes, he was great and that really surprised me.

The other real disappointment was that the movie didn’t have any credit cookies, which I’ve almost come to expect from a comedy movie like this, but if that’s my problem with the movie, I know I had a good time and will probably get this on dvd. Rogen did a great job in writing this film.

Roger Ebert was right in his review that this movie “is the answer to the question, ‘What would happen if a movie like this was made by a great director?'”

Thanks to the Examiner for the above pic.


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Swing Vote Review

I didn’t really think Swing Vote was going to be any good going in and I was not wrong. I saw this film because I love politics and have tried to keep on the bleeding edge of this years Presidential election and I wanted to see what, if anything this film would offer about elections in America. This turned out to be a bad movie, but I was surprised that there were scenes that did manage to make me laugh.

The biggest problem, that I could not get over was that the entire movie glorifies the federal felony committed within the first twenty minutes of the start of the film and what made it worse was that the character who finds out about this and you would expect to DO something about this, sits back and in the end HELPS keep the secret safe!

It was funny watching the fake political ads and seeing Nathan Lane and Dennis Hopper, it may be impossible for either of these two consumate professionals to come to work and give a bad performance. This is also probably the best performance I’ve seen out of Kevin Costner (sad but true) in a LONG time, probably since 3000 Miles to Graceland.

I definately recommend that this movie be skipped, go back and watch The Dark Knight again, you’ll have a much better time.


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Launchy vs Windows Desktop Search 4.0

I found this little program called Launchy and it is good if your want a quick (just press Alt+Space), simple search that specializes in programs and searching sites like Youtube, but then I went to Microsoft Update and saw that there was an optional update to their desktop search called Windows Search 4.0, it works for all versions of Windows from XP onwards. Download it here.

The big advantage of the Microsoft search tool is that you can add it as a toolbar onto your desktop and it can search the web using your default search engine, so when I tried that option, it actually opened a Firefox window for a Google search, when I was expecting it to open IE and do a Live search. I was pleasantly surprised by that.

It is also a pretty comprehensive search as well, when I used Launchy (which also works for Linux) to search for Backgammon, it came up w/ my backgammon game, but the windows search found my backgammon game as well as two different books I got from Project Gutenberg (A Tale of Two Cities and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) since it searched the text of those docs and found that they both mention backgammon. The search results are also fully accessible to commands like Copy, Rename, Delete, etc via right clicking and accessing the menu bar.

Thanks to WildWheelz for the above pic.


*Update September 4th 2008* After a few weeks of using both programs, I find Launchy immensly more useful a program and have taken the Windows Search Tool off of my taskbar to save space and system resources, while I have been using Launchy more and more.

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Why oh Why Goateesaver?!

OK, it has been a while since I wrote about stupid tech, but when the lovely Denise sent me this, I had to respond publicly.

After watching the video demo from Goatee Saver, I… I… I just can’t believe it has come to this. Do guys REALLY need to chomp on some ginormous contraption that brings us just that much closer to looking like Darth Vader while we shave!?!?!

Why couldn’t this have just remained vaporware?

Thanks to Gizmodo for the above pic.


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Obama Girl vs McCain Girl Olympics… vs Paris Hilton?

It’s just the right time, with the Beijing Olympics starting tomorrow and the Presidential campaign in full swing… yeah, that’s why I’m posting this video of Obama Girl vs McCain Girl from Barely Political (subscribe here)… riiiiight (also because it made me laugh).

Oh and just because I can, here’s Paris Hilton‘s frighteningly rational energy plan as she throws her hat in the ring for President from FunnyorDie:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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