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Slumdog Millionaire Review

I saw Slumdog Millionaire on the advice of Lindsey the newly anointed movie buff. The movie was extremely entertaining and funny, but it will be a bit violent for some people. The people I went with were watching a few of the more violent scenes with hands over their faces to block out some of the harder to sit through torture and scenes of violence.

The story overall was entertaining, funny, sweet and uplifting though… and after hearing the M.I.A’s Paper Planes song all over NYC at EVERY single bar with a jukebox, hearing the song here in director Danny Boyle‘s film was extremely surreal (video above). I thoroughly enjoyed this film where the Indian police are trying to figure out, using any means necessary,  how a slumdog could know enough to make it all the way to the final question in the Indian version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and why this slumdog wanted to win, and no, it isn’t just for all the rupees involved.

The only issue with this movie is that I feel the same way I did after I saw Boyle‘s Trainspotting and Sunshine, I really enjoyed myself, but I knew I do not want to rewatch this film, the only one of his movies I’ve ever seen more than once is 28 Days Later… (watch the full movie here on Hulu) and after seeing both the long and short versions of that movie, I don’t feel like ever watching THAT movie again either, even though I liked that zombie movie as well.

The other problem I had though was with the movie theater I saw Slumdog Millionaire in. I saw the film in City Cinemas’ CC East 86th Street theater here in NYC and the official showtime was listed as 7:10pm and we had gotten to the theater early, but promptly at 7:10pm, the lights dimmed and the they proceeded to play 5 minutes of commercials before the actual movie previews started at 7:15pm. It would be fine if before the published movie start time, the theater was playing commercials, but once it’s showtime, the movies previews should be starting, not the commercials. I know that Roger Ebert has even complained of this same issue both here and here. Movie tickets are getting more and more expensive and we currently had to pay $12.50 per ticket here in Manhattan and we didn’t pay to see commercials start once we were expecting to watch the movie. I do not have a problem with movie previews starting at showtime, I consider the previews a key part of the movie-going experience in theaters, but NOT commercials!

So, after the film, I went and found the theater manager and politely complained about this, explaining that I enjoyed the movie, but didn’t appreciate having the commercials start when we should have started watching the previews at 7:10, she said she had no control over it, since the computers were preprogrammed to do this, but she gave me the name and phone number of the person in the main office to talk to about this.

I will call on Monday and will keep note of my progress with this issue. This used to be an issue at all the theater chains, but I know that AMC/Loews changed their policy of at one point showing 15 minutes of commercials after the published showtime, so now their listed showtime actually indicates when the previews begin.


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Scariest TV Commercials to hit the Internet

Thanks to the Digg Reel (subscribe here), I’ve found me some scary tv commercials through Esquire… so scary, in fact, that they’re quite compelling and harder to turn away from than a car wreck on the side of the road.

Enjoy the drunk people the bad acting and the Schwarzenegger-esque accents.


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Happy Flaming Fruitcake with Systm

Today is the first day of the new season. Here in the northern hemisphere, that means it’s the first day of winter and here in NYC we already have some snow on the ground. This means the holiday season is upon us. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Solstice or anything or nothing in between, we’ve all experienced the magic and fear of the everlasting fruitcake.

Watch as the Systm (subscribe here) crew finds some very creative ways to handle fruitcake this holiday season (watch it here in HD). Let’s just say that fire and firearms might be involved…



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PBS NOVA Podcasts are a BIG Tease

I am a 24 year old NYC PBS member who has been personally donating to PBS for over two years now. My family have been PBS donors for over a decade. I love their programing, but I rarely watch it on television outside of its Saturday night movie lineup: Reel 13. I love watching all the online content, especially NOVA, but every time I watch the NOVA podcast (subscribe here), if I want to see more, I go right to their website and the full version of what I just watched in their podcast will not be posted online until it has aired on television a few days later.

This does not drive me to watch the show on television, I usually end up forgetting to go back a few days later to revisit PBS, so I don’t get to see the program until maybe a month later, if not missing the show entirely. If PBS is not going to post full NOVA episodes in the NOVA podcast feed (which I would LOVE), I would hope that they would wait to release the podcast until AFTER it has aired and has been published ONLINE. Television revolves around schedules, but online video needs to inherently be video available ON DEMAND.

I enjoy their shows and I understand if they want to promote their television shows, I just don’t like to get teased with a preview, then when I actually GO to their site in excitement, find out that I have to remember to come back days later to watch what I’ve already been enticed to watch from an interesting podcast preview.

Thanks to Learn Out Loud for the above image.


*Update 12-19-2008: Now, the full version of the NOVA episode on Absolute Zero, which I wanted to watch is now available online BEFORE it airs on television, YAY! Watch it here.

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David Paterson Lambasted on Saturday Night Live

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Over this past year, Saturday Night Live has really been nailing political commentary. Last night’s show was no different. Some of the best material was Fred Armisen lambasting NY Governor David Paterson.

It was sad though to hear that Amy Poehler is leaving SNL, but Armisen again lightened the mood (below). I’m interested to see what Amy’s new NBC show will be though.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I wish I could post the cold open from last night’s show with a Senate hearing with IL governor Rod Blagojevich, but that was not made available online by NBC… thanks NBC.



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Math Needs a Bailout

In these tough economic times (if you’re playing, you know it’s time to take a drink), it may be time that math make a comeback, but all I’ve been able to find is this clip from Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm which probably explains why all these companies are looking for an economic handout since it seems like all these companies have been keeping the Kettles on their payrolls as economic advisors.

It’s this kind of math that has lead us down the road to bailoutsville… thanks best of youtube (subscribe here) for the economic lesson!



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