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Guitar Rising – Play a REAL Guitar

I think Guitar Hero is fun, I’ve played it, but I’d rather not play the game, since you don’t actually learn to play the guitar. After watching the latest episode of dl.tv I found out about the upcoming game Guitar Rising, where you will be able to plug in a REAL guitar into a computer’s microphone port and see different frets onscreen and you can learn to play the guitar while you play the game.

I can’t wait until this game comes out… I may even buy a guitar if the game is as good as it looks.

Thanks to The Visual Dictionary for the above pic.


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History of War… Food Fight

I love film, but I usually only get to see mainstream movies. This week, thanks to Boing Boing TV, I was able to watch this short film called Food Fight, a film by Stefan Nadelman and presented by Tourist Pictures which starts with World War II and essentially reenacts all the major wars since then… using food to represent the countries involved in the conflicts.

The film is a lot of fun and it is done very well. Check it out.


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Get Smart Trailer

Back when the teaser came out I had high hopes for the new Get Smart movie and after seeing the new hd trailer that was released through Apple Trailers, I think I’m really going to enjoy this movie. It looks like a great combination of a funny movie and a film that is willing to make fun of itself as well.



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Most Destructive Weapon in Doom

Remeber the game Doom? I used to spend HOURS with this game, but I completely forgot just how powerful some of the weapons in the game were. At the risk of being Rick Rolled, check out the great video below, it’s only 31 seconds and it’s hilarious!

Thanks to The Digg Reel, their latest episode pointed out just how popular this video has become, which was originally posted here on College Humor.


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Conan vs Stewart and Colbert – The Biggest Late Night Fight!

After watching tonights extremely long Academy Awards, hosted by Jon Stewart, it reminded me of the very long and hilarious feud and ensuing brawl that involved Conan O’Brien, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. The whole thing is documented in this 8 plus minute clip from Late Night with Conan O’Brien, which all started over Mike Huckabee.



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The Happening Trailer

An interesting trailer was released this week for the latest M. Night Shyamalan movie, The Happening. This is the most interesting looking movie from M. Night Shyamalan since Unbreakable, which was also the last M. Night Shyamalan movie that I saw, that I enjoyed. I didn’t like Signs or The Village and I haven’t seen Lady in the Water, if someone thinks I should see Lady in the Water, leave a comment about it, I just never found a reason to see it. We know that something is killing whole swaths of people, but what that is, we are in the dark about.

I saw the 720p version of the trailer from the podcast Trailercast HD (480p version, 1080p version of the podcast). You could also get the HD trailer from Apple trailers.



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Most Spoiled Girl in the World?

If you like to watch videos so annoying that they can cause you physical harm (sound familiar Seán?), then watch this clip, which is from an episode of Wife Swap of Alicia Guastaferro, who is probably the most spoiled girl in the world. I can’t fully blame her though, since her parents pretty much raised her to the most beautiful girl in whatever town she’s from, but at the same time, spoiled, vapid, talentless helpless and useless.

Thanks to The Digg Reel, their latest episode highlighted this video that shot up the ranks of Digg.

I’m going to go throw up now.


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Kung Fu F You… TMI?

If you love classic martial arts films, with the crazy fighting, non-syncing audio/video and bad color, then check out this parody created by the Ministry of Unknown Science.

Thanks to Boing Boing TV for finding this video, I love it! I just wish the Ministry kept their iTunes podcast feed up to date.


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Movie Trailer Tuesday… err Wednesday

It has been a while since I posted, so I figured I’d catch up on something I haven’t done in a while and what’s better than catching up with new movie trailers you might have missed?

The first interesting trailer I found is Smart People, starring Dennis Quaid, Ellen Page, Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church. It looks like a quirky comic love story… what?! Ellen Page in a quirky funny story about relationships and love? Who would have thought? Well, this time it’s her father (Quaid) that seems to be in the process of finding a relationship in this movie. Get the HD trailer here from Apple.

The second trailer is the upcoming Stephen Chow film which he directs and stars in called CJ7. The film isn’t being released here in the US until March 7th, 2008, but if you visit China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand or Australia, then you probably know that it has already been released. This is a film about a father who wants to get his son a great toy, but can’t afford the latest toy, he stumbles upon a weird alien thing that ends up WAY cooler than the toy his son originally wanted. This is a movie that looks both like a wild and weird ride. Get the HD trailer here also from Apple. After seeing Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle, I realize this is a movie I’m excited about.


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Xdrive – Free and Easy Automated Online Backup

I know that NO ONE wants to back up their data. If anyone has to remember to do it and it is harder than brainless, people just are not going to do it. I know this and even I don’t back up my data like I should. I will usually keep a copy of important documents saved onto my portable usb flash drive and maybe also on a second computer, but I definitely do NOT keep those files backed up and updated regularly. I also don’t really want to pay much money to backup my data (I know I’m cheap but it has served me well thus far).

After a bit of searching I found Xdrive. It used to be a tiny company… until AOL bought them. Xdrive offers 5 gigs of free automated online storage. Let me repeat that, in case you thought you read that wrong. You can get, for FREE, 5 gigabytes of online storage! That’s more space then most people buy when they get usb flash drives! To sign up, you can use your AIM screen name, AOL email account or if you don’t have either of these already, you can just sign up for a free AOL Mail or AOL Instant Message account. At this very moment, I’m uploading almost 800 megabytes of data to start out. If you need more than 5 gigs of storage though, maybe for a large music collection or even a modest video collection (maybe you want to back up all those movies or tv shows on that iPod), this is probably not the service for you. You can upgrade to their paid service: 50 gigs of storage for a little under $10 per month.

Instead of doing that though, I’d recommend using one of the more flexible online backup services. Carbonite (unlimited storage space for less than $50 per year, less than $90 total when you sign up for two years), Mozy (another unlimited storage service, for less than $5 per month for each computer you want to back up, less than $105 per computer if you sign up for 2 years), Amazon’s S3 (more of an a la carte service, charging per month for storage and upload/download transfer rates) or Jungle Disk (which is based on Amazon S3, but also offers some extra services of their own).

Thanks to Xdrive for the above pic. This article was inspired by Leo Laporte. He is constantly promoting the idea of regularly backing up your data on the many shows on his TWIT Podcast Network.



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