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The Daily Show Highlights for the week of February 26, 2010

Glenn Beck verbally berates the basic ideals of progressive thought… then we find out that he refutes that thought with knowledge he gathered while utilizing the very advantages those progressive ideals fought to provide. It would be funnier if he didn’t have so many followers:
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Ricky Gervais has a new show The Ricky Gervais Show, he’s hilarious as usual in the process
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John Hodgman has some interesting ways to spice up the Winter Olympics. I don’t know if they would work, but I almost fell off my chair listening to them
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Tracy Morgan promoting his new movie Cop Out, which I might have to go and see now!
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Enjoy all The Daily Show


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Daily Show Roundup and Bill O’Reilly Interview of Jon Stewart for the week of February 4th, 2010

It has been an interesting week and I have been able to put together 5 different clips from The Daily Show and also included the interesting Bill O’Reilly interview of Jon Stewart.



It seems like Hamas has continued to create extremely racist antisemitic propaganda cartoons aimed at engendering pure hatred towards Jews to the point of planting the idea of martyrdom quite early in life. Jon Stewart‘s bit is a bit stupid, but it’s worth sitting through to see these cartoons
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President Obama goes to Congressional Republicans to publicly answer policy and political questions and seems to do well with the event broadcast on TV… let’s see if that gets him anywhere or if anything will change
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Stewart and John Oliver present a nice allegory between being an old Senator and being gay while in the military after Senate Republicans decide to chide Admiral Mike Mullen about supporting gays openly serving in the military
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Vice President Joe Biden sounds pretty absurd describing the movie Avatar, he may be a little out of touch
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is the link to the entire Bill O’Reilly interview of Jon Stewart this week, I can’t get this video to work on this site, so you’ll have to click on this link below to watch it on FoxNews

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Claymation Chess

I might just be a sucker for claymation, but I found this great movie of a claymation chess (Digg it here) game after watching Best of Youtube (subscribe here). It reminds me somewhat of the old Battle Chess game from the pre-Windows days, I still remember playing it for hours on my first IBM computer, running on DOS.



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Chainsaw Maid – The World’s Most Graphically Violent Claymation

After watching the short claymation film Chainsaw Maid from The Digg Reel (subscribe here), I knew that I had to share it. Claymation has always had a place in my heart starting with Gumby and Penny (from Pee Wee’s Playhouse) and more recently with Knox toons, but this is quite different… and much more violent.

Enjoy the short film, but remember, I warned you.


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JibJab is Back to Crack You Up with Time for Some Campaignin’

I think most of you remember the hillarious JibJabers from their amazingly funny hit from the 2004 election season: This Land! Well, they’re back for this year’s presidential election with Time for Some Campaignin’JibJab never really went away, they’ve actually been making videos since 1999 way back in the dial-up days and before the dot-com bubble burst.

Thanks to Net@Nite (subscribe here)for interviewing those funny JibJab founders. Hopefully soon, those crafty JibJab guys will set up their videos as a podcast to make them even easier for people to watch and keep up to date on their latest funny videos.



As an added treat, here’s the This Land! video below, just in case you forgot what I was talking about.

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Watch Why America Rules, England Sucks and See the Family Guy Crew Record an Episode from The Digg Reel

This first clip is fitting since we celebrated America’s independence earlier this month, from Break.com, America Rules England Sucks.

The second clip is a behind the scenes look at a Family Guy taping. It is very strange watching Seth McFarland switching from one voice to another having a conversation with himself, but the whole thing is hilarious.

Enjoy these two clips I found from watching episodes of The Digg Reel (subscribe here).


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Pixar’s First Short Film from 1984: The Adventures of Andre and Wally B

After reviewing Pixar’s most recent success in Wall-E, it’s only fitting that I present the very first Pixar short titled: The Adventures of Andre and Wally B. It’s hard to believe that Pixar‘s origins go all the way back to 1984, since they burst onto the scene over a decade later with Toy Story. What’s also interesting is that along with presenting the short film, The Experience Project also chronicles the early history of Pixar.

Thanks to The Digg Reel (subscribe here) for highlighting this early work.



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WALL-E Review

Before Wall-E came out, I thought the robot was a ripoff of Johnny 5 for kids too young to remember Short Circuit and Short Circuit 2. After seeing the movie though, I can admit that I was wrong… the good thing is that I am not usually this glad to be wrong about something. There were also some great nods to classic science fiction and technology fans, with callbacks to 2001: A Space Oddyssey and the classic Mac startup chime, to just name a couple.

I consider myself a jaded New Yorker and that’s why I was so surprised to be emotionally knocked on my ass for many scenes in this film. I even teared up during some of the scenes between Wall·E and Eve (the slick white robot that resembles ASIMO), which was the most surprising thing for me. I was NOT expecting to be hit so hard by the love story and the ability of Pixar‘s animators to imbue that much emotion into robots that say less than 5 words to one another.

One of the most interesting aspects of the film though was the first 40 or so minutes of the film on Earth, first with WALL·E alone and then with Eve. This was some of the best pantomime since Charlie Chaplain and what really moved me was the interaction between WALL·E and Eve reminded me of Chaplain‘s City Lights. I liked the juxtaposition between Fred Willard‘s live action scenes from the past and the animated humans who are now blubberous blobs of laziness and a shell of their ancestors, played to a tee with voicework from Jeff Garlin John Ratzenberger and Kathy Najimy.

This movie is a definate must see, even the silent animated short with a hungry bunny and an obnoxious magician was entertaining to watch and I know I’m going to be looking for this movie when it is finally released on dvd. Thanks to MoviePatron for the above pic.


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Attempting to Break the Civil War Map

I know it is a gross oversimplification to say that the South votes Republican, while the North votes Democrat here in the US, but the New Yorker has an interesting video in their Naked Campaign series (subscribe here), called Map Quest, where they talk about which states Obama could win to get the magic number (270) in the electoral college, while also pointing out which states McCain could swoop in and take himself.

It’s quite interesting to watch, especially for a political junkie, like myself.


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Sebastian’s Voodoo – 3D Animation

I love finding interesting short films, especially those made by enthusiasts. This short is called Sebastian’s Voodoo and was created by Joaquin Baldwin and scored by Nick Favola at the UCLA Animation Workshop. I found this video because of Boing Boing TV (subscribe here).

Watch as a brave voodoo doll tries to save its fellow voodoo dolls from harm. If you can, try and check out the high quality version to get a feel for some of the amazing detail work that went into this!

Enjoy a visually stunning 4 minutes created using Maya and After Effects.


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