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Major League Baseball’s AL Postseason

For the AL, at least, the season is over and all the playoff matchups have been set. Even though I thought the Yankees had a good chance of catching up to the Red Sox, in the end, Boston played better ball and won the division.

That being said, seeing how the rest of the American League matchups turned out, with Cleveland surging ahead in the end of the season to tie for the best record in the majors with the Red Sox (mind you, EVERY AL team entering the playoffs has a better record than ANY of the teams in the NL!). This means that the Yankees will play Cleveland and the Red Sox will face the Angels in the first round since the wild card team cannot play their division leader in the first round of the playoffs.

It may be early to say this, but these matchups seem to favor another AL Championship Series between the Yankees and Boston! For Boston, it doesn’t really matter, they have been the best team, the team to beat all season and have winning records during the regular season against both the Angels (6-4) and the Indians (5-2), with the Red Sox doing very well at home against both teams (5-2 vs the Angels and 2-1 vs the Indians), it bodes well that they have home field advantage.

The biggest difference is for the Yankees, they have a MUCH better record against Cleveland (6-0) than against the Angels (3-6!) this season. This pattern isn’t just this season either, for the past 6 regular seasons, the Yankees went 29-13 against the Indians but only 25-29 against the Angels. Plus, the last two times the Yanks faced the Angels in the 5-game first round of the playoffs, the Angels won 3-1 (2002) and 3-2 (2005).

None of this actually means both Boston and the Yankees will win their 5 game series’, but this is definitely a much better situation for the Yankees than if they had to face the Angels (even with Cleveland getting home field advantage over the Yankees) and I think both Yankee and Red Sox fans look forward to seeing another GRUELING playoff series between these two teams this year!

Thanks to FightinPhilsFans for the above pic and thanks to Baseball-Reference for the stats help.


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Yankees vs. Red Sox Rivalry

Thanks to The Feed for the above pic.

Who who would have thought at the end of May, that the most exciting (or nerve wracking, depending on your point of view) story in baseball this season, would be the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry? At their lowest point in the season, the Yankees were 14.5 games behind the high flying Red Sox. The Red Sox have been the number one team in the Majors all season long, maintaining the best record in baseball for almost the ENTIRE season!

These two teams just finished off their season series with the Yankees eeking out the advantage, winning 10 of the 18 games these two faced off.

Now, with just under two weeks left in the season, the Yankees have surged to within 1.5 games of that former 14.5 game lead! Both teams have their Ace starters vying for a 20-win season, Boston’s Josh Beckett has two games left and is sitting on 19 wins, while New York’s Chien-Ming Wang also has two games to pitch and has 18 wins.

It looks like again this year, both of these teams will make the postseason, the question now is who will win the division and who will get the wild card.

Both teams have today off, so I can relax, at least for a little while from this whirlwind, but it will all start up again tomorrow.


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