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Here’s the trailer for the new Will Smith movie, Hancock, instead of being the reluctant last man on Earth, he’s the reluctant super human with super powers.

Check out the HD Trailer here, thanks to Apple Trailers or just check it out here. Thanks to Film School Rejects for the poster.



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Download Free Crosswords with Black Ink

Listening to the most recent episode of Macbreak Weekly revealed a great program for crossword puzzle lovers, it’s called Black Ink. It allows you to download the free crossword puzzles available all over the net (such as those from The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal), if you don’t like solving them on your computer, you can even print them out!

The program has a free 30 day trial and costs $24.95… the only downside is that it’s a Mac only product, it requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, so I can’t really use it myself, but that doesn’t mean I can’t spread the word.

For all you non-Mac users (myself included), as well as those Mac users who don’t want to ultimately pay $25, check out the American Crossword Tournament page, they have links to a good deal of free online crosswords.



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Powerthirst is for the human on the go, one that wants to be WAY more than human. Do you want all your fat to fall off? Grow the kind of muscle that would make Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mark Mcguire and Barry Bonds tear up in jealousy?!?!?!

Thanks Dan for the linky linky. Enjoy


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Very Mario Christmas

I guess this is a Mario Christmas, but I also found a weird Soviet-esque Mario video here.



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Not Even Tim Russert Can Avoid Ridicule this Political Christmas

I guess this is my Christmas contribution.

I was watching this week‘s Meet the Press and couldn’t stop laughing towards the end of the episode, when Tim Russert himself shed light on this skeweringly funny political cartoon.

Merry Christmas


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Most Aggravating Super Mario Clone EVER!

This looks like the most annoying and aggravating clone of the classic Super Mario Bros.!

Thanks to Dan for presenting me this madness. Enjoy watching the masochism. If you want to try your hand at this craziness, get it here, but consider yourself warned!


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Free Open Source Software for All Situations

OS Living and Downloadpedia are sites devoted to providing information about all the best open source software programs for all different types of computing. These are great programs to use when you have just bought a new computer and realize you spent all your money on hardware and have no more money to devote to software, it’s also good if you want quality software that has been created and improved by computing enthusiasts, you can also, if brave enough edit the software yourself.

Thanks to Expand open source reach for the above pic.


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Walk Hard Really Just Flops and Plods

I was really excited about Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, I love John C. Reilly, but while watching this movie, I realized that this movie was a huge flop and that I wished I hadn’t even sat down to see this movie.
I VEHEMENTLY recommend: DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE, I don’t care how excited you are about it, just DON’T! If you aren’t going to listen to me anyway about this, at least wait til it gets to DVD and rent it, but I can’t even recommend that!
Judd Apatow co-wrote this with the film’s writer/director Jake Kasdan and as I’ve said before, I think Apatow‘s work has gone down over time instead of improved with experience. This movie, an attempt at parodying musical biopics (like Ray and Walk the Line), works for maybe the first five to ten minutes, after that, it all seems to go downhill. Bringing the Superbad kid, Jonah Hill into the film as an older, more vulgar ghost was just one of the ideas that flat out didn’t work in this movie.
Seeing all the cameos in the the trailer for this film got me excited and the movie features tons of sketch comedy familiar faces from SNL, 30 Rock and The Office. Too bad I didn’t find the few and far between funny scenes worth wading through all the unfunny content though.
It’s such a shame, I hate giving bad reviews, but hopefully this will prevent others from making the same mistake I made.
Thanks to Buzz Sugar for the above pic.

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Sky from Horizon to Horizon

Check out the high quality version of this extreme panorama of the sky taken from horizon to horizon, the view is amazing.
Thanks to APOD for the above pic.

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Charlie Wilson’s War

This is probably pretty close to the perfect way to tell a political comedy drama, especially when based on a true story. This film was directed by Mike Nichols and written by Aaron Sorkin. These two powerhouses have been creating some of the most interesting and entertaining big and small screen productions over their careers and their partnership (their first joint venture) to bring this movie to the silver screen is no different, this movie was just a joy to watch.

Tom Hanks plays Charlie Wilson and is GREAT in this role, there is a perfect mix of hilarity and surprisingly, of a man who is smarter than the persona
he publicly promotes. I must say, I was extremely young during the early 1980s, I don’t really remember most of the events that the movie talks about and the only things I knew about Charlie Wilson specifically was what I saw from the previews for this movie (I didn’t want to research the history of this until after I saw the movie). So, I was not expecting the glimpses of an extremely smart politician that were presented.

Most of archive footage was very well interspersed into this film, but the very first helicopter scene was a bit jarring and unexpected, mainly for the amount of violence they showed, which was pretty unexpected because of how humorous the film had been up to that point. In the grand scheme of the story, the scene works to bring the audience into the degree of violence going on over seas, but it WAS unexpected. I was watching this film in a NYC theater and when Rudy Giuliani‘s name came up during this film, without giving too much away, there was NOTICEABLE laughter from the audience for this.

The other massively enjoyable performance came from Philip Seymour Hoffman. He has played great parts in so many movies and this performance is no different. The scene where he is arguing with his boss may just be THE best scene in the entire movie. Julia Roberts also stars in the film, I am not usually a big fan of hers, but in this role, I didn’t think she was bad… a stellar review of her performance, I know, but at least she didn’t detract from the movie (like she did from Ocean’s Eleven).

I would recommend this movie for almost anyone, it is a really enjoyable film. The only people I would say should avoid this film are those who don’t like politics/history, if this is the case, you would probably be pretty bored not understanding what’s going on.

Thanks to Renee Ashley Baker for the above pic.


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