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True Grit 2010 Remake Review

Later this month, the remake of the John Wayne classic, True Grit, will be released nationwide. I first saw the original film with my father growing up and I loved it, but that was then. This current version stars Jeff Bridges as the salty ol’ sauced US marshal who is convinced by a 14 year old girl played by Hailee Steinfeld, to track her father’s killer. She convinces him after it is already well established in a very funny negotiation scene that she is the quickest wit and smartest tongue west of NYC. Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and Barry Pepper all make appearances in the film, but the screen time is dominated by Bridges and Steinfeld as they hunt a murder.

The Coen Brothers know how to interject comedy into what is inherently a very dark film and Bridges is impressive as the one eyed marshal who is coherent and sharp shooting enough when he needs to be, but drunkenly incompetent after a long day and a bottle or two of drink.

I miss the regular release of the American western film and if Jeff Bridges wants to come in and take the cowboy mantle from John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, after this performance, I would go and see every production.

Thanks to the wonderful Sara for getting me in to see this pre-screening and thanks to AllMoviePhoto for the above pic.



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