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This Week’s Daily Show and Colbert Roundup for October 8th, 2010

The consensus is in, Rahm Emanuel might just be a dick and that’s OK he seems to get things done in the molasses environment that is politics. let us see how he does in running for mayor of Chicago.
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Apparently, in the 1940’s American scientists intentionally gave Guatemalans syphilis to test penicillin in treating this and the NIH funded this! This Guatemala experiment is some of the most despicable research ever conducted on humans and it is very hard to find experiments that are worse than the Tuskegee syphilis studies. You don’t have to watch the 2nd half of that clip, the Jason Jones‘ segment about the military wasn’t very good.
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All I can say is that this is Bruce Willis going on David Letterman this week with a meat hairpiece after the Lady Gaga’s meat dress. I’ve never been a big fan of Dave, but he did partake in a bit of a gnash, which was was cool.
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I do not like the idea of strategic defaults, but it is not a new concept and if any party that signs a financial contract is willing to take that hit to their credit score and walk away from their morgage, let them. When busineses walk away from corporate offices, there’s no reason why homeowners should be shamed into paying into a morgage that no longer makes financial sense either.
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Disney has an interesting policy toward hiring Muslims. Is the silver lining that she did not get fired?
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Leon Botstein seems like an interesting President of Bard College, making it mandatory for incoming freshman to take 3 weeks of intense science. It’s probably a very good idea, understanding scientific discipline is crucial in understanding how to weigh different arguments that may be presented in the future.
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Personal freedom vs health and protection is tough. As a medical student, I know how bad it can be for people to drink raw, unpasteurized milk, so I would prefer that people only drink pasteurized milk. At the same time however, I do believe that Americans have the inherent freedom to do things that may not be in their best interests. I would say that the government just treat foods like raw milk in the same way they treat other dangerous lifestyle choices like smoking. Mandate warning labels be placed on the bottles of milk that inform those that buy the milk of the possible negative side effects of drinking that milk and then let fully informed consumers decide for themselves what they want to put in their own body.
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Fearstock seems to be a great way to keep the scary stock photos flowing for all kinds of political ads across the country.
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Proposition 19 to legalize marijuana is back in the media. I don’t think marijuana is all that good for you, medically it has its uses, but as for recreational use, I say legalize it, tax it and regulate it as we already do for alcohol, tobacco and firearms. If people want to do it in their home and not hurt anyone else, fine by me, just don’t endanger anyone else by, for example, do not drive while high. Treat it the same way we do alcohol and tobacco.
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Lastly, here is the Colbert on Letterman talking about his trip down to testify in front of Congress.
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