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Inception Review

There have been very few excellent movies I have seen in 2010, Inception is definitely one of them though. It’s hard to believe that director Christopher Nolan only made his splash in 2000 with Memento, the way he has been able to wrangle a cast chock-a-block full of big names is quite impressive for such a relatively new director.

I know it took me a long time to actually get a chance to see this film in the theater, but I guess the 5th attempt was the charm (the first 4 times I tried to hit the theater, something always came up or fell through to prevent me from getting to see the movie.

There is very little about the story that I am going to talk about  (the film is a must see for the visuals alone), just that it is a tight story, maybe with a bit too much explaining and exposition, which lead to the film being quite long (~2.5hrs), but at the same time, the cuts I would have made would probably have shaved less than 10 minutes from the film. All I’ll say about the story is that it’s basically a heist movie dealing in business espionage that takes place inside the world of dreams with lots of gunfire. What can you steal in a dream? I’ll let you watch the movie to find out.

The performances by the main players, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy and Ellen Page were extremely strong. Nolan also brings back Cillian Murphy and Ken Watanabe from his prior film Batman Begins and there are bit parts for Tom Berenger, Marion Cotillard, Michael Caine and Pete Postlethwaite. The visuals were nothing less than stunning and I’m always a sucker for MC Escheresque impossible images realized.

I hope by the end, you can decide for yourself what it all means and what happens.

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