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Knight and Day Review

There isn’t always a lot of incentive for adults to attend a PG-13 spy, action film normally… unless you put Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in the lead roles. The last film I saw with these two together was back in Vanilla Sky.

This film is just a ton of fun. It’s cliche, predictable and there are very few new things, BUT everything that is done is done so well and is so much fun that it shows that if you can execute correctly, you’re going to get a great movie. I had a great time watching this movie. The action is played almost completely for laughs. There is a lot of violence, but very little blood and guts. This is probably Cruise’s best performance since Collateral, another film where he played a killer, just a much more serious one in the earlier film. Is this a serious film? No, but it’s fun as hell to watch.

There are very few times that I like going to a PG-13 action movie, I usually look for that R rating, but this is a film that does exactly what it sets out to do and does it with style (not a lot of substance, but damn fun to watch). Although I must say, it was unintentionally funny in select scenes where they shot Tom Cruise (5ft7in) to appear taller than Cameron Diaz (5ft9in) as seen above!

Thanks to Killer Film for the above image.



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