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Verizon Customer Support

I usually end up complaining about or making fun of things when I write here, but today is a bit different. I always hear stories of bad customer support when calling big companies. Well, today I called up Verizon to cancel a phone line that we no longer used anymore. I must say, I was happily surprised, from dialing the number to hanging up, the whole thing only took 15 minutes and it was no hassle, the support tech was polite and didn’t try and hound me about keeping a service I didn’t need.

We still use Verizon for a single standard phone line, internet and cell phone service, so I am extremely happy with Verizon, we just didn’t need to maintain one of the old phone lines we had. It might seem silly to highlight this experience, but if I’m going to complain when companies mess up, I might as well put a spotlight on companies that are doing things right that I hope they will continue and other companies will emulate.

Thanks to DVDGuy for the above pic and good job Verizon!



May 22, 2010 6:14 pm - Posted by | technology, Verizon

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