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This Week in The Daily Show for May 15th, 2010

I used to think that the term “a perfect storm” was only used for rare, unexpected, horrific occasions, not for what seems like almost commonplace bad days.
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I’m glad that President Obama named his new Supreme Court nominee, I don’t know much about Elena Kagan, but at least I haven’t heard anything yet that I don’t like about her. What’s interesting is looking at her Wikipedia page from just before her nomination (here) and then compare it to the current version (here) to see how it has changed upon being placed on the national scene. The media on the other hand is just hankering for a controversy, even if they have to create it themselves, so why not compare everything to recent fuck ups from the past? Well, there seems to be a President Bush fuck up for that… for every President Obama problem there seems to be an analogous but worse comparison to the Bush administration.
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I never thought I would hear the term “Nazi tourettes” or see a comparison to Nazism that Glenn Beck didn’t wholeheartedly embrace, but with this and his recent opinion supporting Mirandizing the NYC Time Square car bomber, Mr. Beck has really been surprising me lately, thanks for the clips Louis Black!
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It is nice to know that BP, Transocean, Halliburton and the US gov’t all decided to not take the blame for the Gulf oil spill.
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We, the American people,  are going to have to accept that everything has trade offs, if we decide want to mine for coal (which the US rules the world in supply of), there will be the occasional mining disaster (like we had earlier this year in West Virginia) or if we want to drill our own oil, that has risks and if we don’t feel that’s worth it, we can always pay more to other countries for their oil and accept things like the Exxon Valdez disaster possibility, or even pay more money for expensive nacent cleaner fuel technologies like wind/solar power or even go for nuclear power and just accept that we need to dump the spent fuel somewhere. None of our options are both cheap and easy, there’s a potential downside to all our power options.



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