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The Daily Show Roundup for the week of April 16th, 2010

I enjoy The Daily Show, but I don’t always agree with it. This week started off with a story that makes fun of a group of people who openly carry around firearms legally around their town on a daily basis. The main representative may have sounded silly in how he compared the way he feels he’s treated because he openly carries a gun, but I don’t find any problem with anyone legally carrying a pistol, just as everyone has within limits to legal free speech in the 1st amendment, so should people have similar rights afforded by the 2nd amendment.
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It is interesting to hear the justifications of Glenn Beck on cable news as to who should pay federal taxes.
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Jon Stewart tries to show the Tea Party movement why they should distance themselves from some of the crazier aspects of the Republican party.
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Rachel Maddow comes on to promote her new special 2 hour documentary of the 30+ hours of Timothy McVeigh interviews, confessions and reasons for perpetuating the largest act of domestic terrorism on US soil, called The McVeigh Tapes: Confessions of an American Terrorist. At the same time she talks about what she feels should be the limits of public rhetoric in political speech: 1. Don’t lie or expect to be called out when you lie and 2. Don’t threaten to shoot people.
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With the Catholic church and the current Pope coming under more intense public scrutiny over priest abuse of children of the clergy, John Hodgman has a few solutions in his You’re Welcome segment.
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I’m happy to find out that the Obama administration aren’t scary secret muslims, just nerds… it’s too bad so much time on Fox News was devoted to talking about flags and symbols instead of the actual goings on from the 47 country Nuclear Security Summit that President Obama held.
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Former diplomat and negotiator of the original nuclear arms START treaty Richard Burt talks about the current iteration of the New START treaty and his organization Global Zero.
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From the Richard Burt interview above, I am glad to find out that President Obama and Russian President Medvedev have seemed to forge a good close relationship, but I am not a huge fan of President Medvedev coming to our country with veiled insults for our former leaders, we don’t go over to Russia and make fun of former President Putin or Gorbechov when interviewed, just like we don’t go over to foreign soil and make fun of America either.
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On the lighter side, Tracy Morgan lights it up with another hilarious guest spot, it’s insane and gut busting as usual.
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