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The Book of Eli Review

I just returned from a screening of The Book of Eli down here in Grenada and I was very surprised with what I found. I was able to keep myself pretty sequestered generally from what the movie was about, with my only exposure being the provocative movie posters in the NYC subway system that elicited vague religious undertones and starring Denzel Washington and Mila Kunis made me initially interested in seeing this movie. It was only as the movie progressed that I realized that the film also featured such famous names providing strong performances such as Gary Oldman, Jennifer Beals, Michael Gambon and Malcolm McDowell.

The biggest thing that needs to be pointed out before anything else is the violence in this film. To say this was a violent movie does not adequately put that into words. This is a hyperviolent film, which may have been filmed in muted colors, sometimes so washed out in white sunlight in a comic book sort of way, but nonetheless, EXTREMELY violent with heads and other body parts getting chopped off, many people shot to death and an impressive array of handguns all the way through a 50 caliber machine gun and rocket launcher. So, if that’s a concern, just file this movie away, it’s not for you.

OK, one thing I’ve come to realize is that there are very few actors I can trust the judgment of, but Denzel Washington is one of those actors that almost never steers his fans wrong, seemingly unable to provide a bad performance or picking an uninteresting project, but I am surprised with how good Mila Kunis‘ performance was, maybe I shouldn’t be though considering how much I liked her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but it took her taking her hair down for me to even recognize her in this world.

The film portrays a world approximately 30 years after the world has ended… or at least since nuclear war has ravaged at least America, if not the entire world and the only modern remnants that remain from that “before” are beaten up cars, a 3rd generation iPod, some KFC wet naps and a Motorola bull horn. Denzel plays Eli, a man on a mission, very much like from an old western to head out “west” for him to complete his mission: find a safe place to bring a sacred holy book. His entire journey shows us just how far the world has fallen because of the apocalypse, the most basic needs (food, water and maybe some of the more base needs) are just about the only things worth fighting for and all that’s left is to barter for them.

As long as you can stand the hyperviolence and are interested in seeing how faith could be used either as a club or a savior, go and check out The Book of Eli. After seeing this film I wish I could be coming home to Mila Kunis right now, but I AM very glad that I’ve got my warm bed and an apartment full of all my creature comforts to come back to at least, even if my air conditioner is currently broken!



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