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This Week in The Daily Show March 4th, 2010

After last week’s White House Health Care Summit, there are still problems with the government, but the best part is that the problems always seem funny, even when they are incredibly sad.



Senator Jim Bunning is the sole US Senator to object to extending unemployment benefits for an additional 30-days during this jobless recession recovery
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Jon Stewart points out some of the major corruption scandals and general bad actions from some of the better known Democratic politicians of late, from NY State‘s recent governor scandals (both Gov. Spitzer and current Gov. Paterson), NY House Rep. Charlie Rangel and some nice double speak from House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi
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Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly‘s fair and balanced take doesn’t seem any more fair or balanced than Fox New’s opinion commentators and she only seems to trust poll numbers that agree with Fox News talking points… sounds fair and balanced to me!
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Here are two clips of Sarah Palin that will probably piss off comedians across the country, most spend years trying to book a comedy gig on The Tonight Show and now Sarah Palin comes onto the show and is able to do a few of her own jokes… I can’t even be mad at Sarah Palin about it either since her jokes were actually pretty FUNNY! Who Knew? I’m still worried for whenever Palin decides to run for President.
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