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2010 Health Care Summit featuring President Barack Obama and the US Congress

On February 25th, 2010, President Barack Obama and the US Congress held a comprehensive Health Care Summit. While I am still looking for a workable way to show the entire summit here on my site to make it easier, I found 2 links that will take you to C-SPAN to watch the entire summit, which is broken down into a morning and afternoon session.

Enjoy, but beware, each session is very long and the entire summit lasted over 6 hours!


White House Health Care Summit morning session (2 hours and 54 minutes)

White House Health Care Summit afternoon session (3 hours and 24 minutes)

**Update 2/26/2010 Here is the full summit broken down into 5 parts with higher quality video from the White House:

**Update2 2/26/2010 – After watching the entire 6+ hour summit, there were some good points brought up by Republicans that I hope make their way into the current legislation to improve it:

Senator Tom Coburn‘s opening statements about snuffing out fraud and defensive medicine in the current system seems to make sense along with incentivising good health and preventing disease through the food stamp and school lunch programs. His points were vague though, so I don’t know how much I agree with the details of his solutions, but it sounded like there were good things that he could add to any bill that ultimately gets passed.

Rep Dave Camp made some great points that actually criticized SPECIFIC language on specific pages of the current versions of the health bills on the table. I have no problem when any politician criticizes the language of any bill, it’s when large blanket criticism is made of entire bills and talks of starting over from scratch that get under my skin.

Senator Mike Enzi, in 2nd session, was very succinct in how he thought Congress could bridge the gap between the loggerheads that have formed on specific issues, like working on how to utilize the exchange and health savings accounts.

**Update3 2/26/2010 -I found a few clips commenting on the Health Care Summit that I thought were important to share:

TPMtv dug up this MSNBC fact checking clip based on some of the remarks made during the Health Care Summit

Jon Stewart, someone almost as cynical as I am with regard to politics commenting on the potential that may have come out of the Health Care Summit
Vodpod videos no longer available.

To John McCain‘s surprise, President Obama agreed with him over the hypocrisy of the potential sweetheart deals for specific states in the current version of the Senate Health Bill
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rep James Clyburn talks to Jon Stewart about how he felt the Health Care Summit went
Vodpod videos no longer available.



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