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President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union – full video

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In President Obama’s first State of the Union address (full text), there were many interesting things I wanted to take note of, but watch/read his full speech. That is much more important than my analysis of his speech. I will just note some of the highlights from the speech.

There were some points of humor in the speech: bailouts as popular as a root canal and when Republicans didn’t clap for cutting taxes on 95% of Americans, “I thought I’d get some applause for that one.”

He framed an argument against BIG BUSINESS for those companies giving out big bonuses again to charge them fees to return the rest of the money, while proposing tax cuts for both large and small business as well as getting a jobs bill on the Presidents desk immediately got universal standing applause. Also it was no surpise to see raving applause for Obama stating that he didn’t want America to strive for 2nd place… just about the easiest applause point for the night.

A surprising point came with Obama pushing for NEW nuclear power plants, offshore gas/oil development as part of a comprehensive energy bill to be passed in the Senate even if senators are skeptical of scientific evidence of climate change because it will keep America a world leader.

In higher education reform he proposed ending subsidies to banks for education loans to turn those savings into tax subsidies and tuition forgiveness for students paying back loans for 2 decades, 1 if the student goes to work in the public service sector.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff did NOT look to happy when the President announced that he would work to allow homosexuals to serve in the military this year.

OK, that’s all from me.

Enjoy the full video thanks to MSNBC



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