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SpinRite Saved My Laptop in Grenada!

I call this 18 hours of med school hell.  First off, I did a bad thing, I hard shut down my 4+year-old WinXP Dell laptop because I had to rush out to meet my friend. I went back after an hour and turned my computer back on only to get a blue screen of death (BSOD) during Windows startup.

I tried multiple different startup settings after hitting F8 during startup, but none of them got me anything other than a BSOD. I knew this was not good. As a medical student studying in Grenada and I went to my suitcase to get my XP recovery CD… too bad once I opened my bag I found it cracked in half. With all the studying I do, I didn’t exactly have time for this kind of problem, but who WOULD want to deal with this problem anyway, right?

I wasn’t too worried though, since I have been a longtime listener of Steve Gibson‘s audio show Security Now (subscribe here) and I knew that he created SpinRite. At that point I just wanted to go to bed and told myself that I would get SpinRite after class in the afternoon. So, once I got out of lecture, I headed over to our school library to buy SpinRite. I bought it and loaded it on my USB flash drive which I got from my good friend Sara, but once I tried booting from the USB I got an error message that the Pen Drive Does Not Have an Operating System, so I emailed the SpinRite tech support and got a response less than an hour later that totally fixed my problem.

Once SpinRite got up and running, it took about 3 hours for it to scan my hard drive and move files around and fix or mark all the errors on my drive and now it’s back up and running. So thank you Steve for SpinRite! It is worth every penny.

Thanks to Just Ask the IT Guy for the above pic.



January 23, 2010 12:27 pm - Posted by | medicine, podcasts, software, technology

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  1. hi you had quite an ordeal specialy being a medical student with so much info to keep i was glad that it was resolved i took note of thelp you had good for you.

    Comment by ilovebeeswarzone | January 23, 2010 1:37 pm

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