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Snopes.com Roundup of Politics, Barack Obama, Al Gore and Healthcare

I stumbled upon Snopes.com, the internet’s rumor debunking website, think of it like a one stop shop for internet investigative journalism, usually revolving around news stories that swarm bulk email inboxes. I’m including a handful of interesting stories I came across tonight on all types of political rumors, some true, others untrue and still more that are a mixture of fact and fiction:

1. President Obama‘s Hawaiian birth certificate a forgery: FALSE

2. Barack Obama does not qualify as a natural-born US citizen, thus would not qualify for President of the US: FALSE

3. A recent executive order by President Obama grants INTERPOL diplomatic immunity and will now be able to investigate any American without having to adhere to American’s constitutional rights: Mixture of truth and falsehoods

4. The US healthcare bills passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate MAY be considered unconstitutional: TRUE

5. Al Gore‘s Tennessee home was less energy efficient than George W. Bush‘s Texas ranch: TRUE (hey, that surprised me too! I rarely say this but GOOD JOB BUSH!)

6. Al Gore‘s home consumes more than the average American household: Mixture of truth and falsehoods

Lastly, my favorite article of the night:

7. Al Gore claims he invented the internet: FALSE

Thanks to Snopes for providing an evening of quality learning entertaining.




January 16, 2010 2:05 am - Posted by | DC, economy, Law, medicine, politics, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Washington DC

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