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Avatar 3D Review

I watched the new movie Avatar in 3D recently (not the IMAX version, but the 3D digital version). I would have written this up earlier, but I’ve been having so much fun being back in NYC that this has been a bit delayed.

My initial response to this movie goes with pretty much all the other 3D movies I’ve seen in theaters, that the 3D was almost totally unnecessary and didn’t help put forward the story and I wish I had watched the film in 2D instead of watching the 3D gimmick. I went to this movie with a friend of mine and after she came back from going to the washroom within the first 5 minutes of the film starting, she just never put back on the 3D glasses and just watched the film in slightly blurry (because of the double imaged) 2D. I watched the whole thing in 3D because I couldn’t stand watching the blurred double vision from the screen when I took off the glasses, but I wish we had just gotten tickets for a 2D screening.

Now that I’ve gone over my 3D movie views, in regard to the movie itself, I really enjoyed the experience. The story wasn’t terribly original and the script felt a bit weak at times, BUT it was an immersive experience and was a fun ride with an entertaining story. There was some funny bits to this movie, including that the mineral that the humans were mining for was called unobtainium and towards the end of the film, it is hinted that Earth (our unshown home world) was a broken world that now lacks any traces of green anymore. I’ve said it before with other movies, but the effects of this movie were emaculate, it was almost hard to believe that the 8 foot tall aliens that the film revolves around were effects, especially when one of them almost has the face of Sigourney Weaver. I’d recommend that anyone who wants to watch a fun ride of a SciFi movie should plunk down the money to at least go to one of the 2D screenings. I don’t think this film has a whole lot to offer though on a small screen, so see it while it’s still in theaters. I don’t think that 3D is going away from theaters as long as it keeps bringing more people to the cinema (at ever increasing ticket prices as well), it’s just not my cup of tea.

I think that James Cameron with this movie, with all of the in-camera effects and the performance capture technology going into this film, was able to pull off what will be seen as a milestone of digital effects cinema.

Thanks to World News Blog for the above pic.



**Update 2010/1/19 – I just returned from watching the 2D version of Avatar here in Grenada and I think after tonight, if ever given the option, I will ALWAYS choose to see any movie in traditional 2D instead of in 3D. I realized just how much more I was into the movie without having to put on the glasses and manage objects flying out of the screen. The film’s story may be flimsy and unoriginal, taking much from Last of the Mohicans, but regardless, the movie draws me in, which is surprising since we are basically asked to side with an insurgent group trying to repel a contractor-based military force that is trying to obtain natural resources (sound familiar America?). All I know is, that the movie is compelling, visually stunning and 2D is the way to go!


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