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Uncomfortable Plot Summaries of Famous Films – by Postmodern Barney

I was listening to episode 90 of the screenwriting podcast, On the Page (subscribe here) and they mentioned the very funny page, Uncomfortable Plot Summaries by Postmodern Barney. It’s a very funny interpretation of many famous Hollywood films and it also shows just how important a one line movie summary is to how we perceive movies. Some of these entries are down right hilarious, describing movies you might have grown up with.

Here are a handful of my favorite examples:

BATMAN: Wealthy man assaults the mentally ill.
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Peasant girl develops Stockholm Syndrome.
CHINATOWN: Father desires closer relationship with his children.
FRANKENSTEIN: Scientific advancement proves unpopular with general public.
GROUNDHOG DAY: Misanthropic creep exploits space/time anomaly to stalk coworker.
HARRY POTTER: Celebrity Jock thinks rules don’t apply to him, is right.
JUNO: Teen fails to get abortion, ruins lives.
JURASSIC PARK: Theme park’s grand opening pushed back.
PREDATOR: American military-industrial complex ruins first contact with alien life.
SE7EN: Homicide detectives unable to prevent even a single murder by admitted serial killer, killer gives cop head.
SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS: Layabout stepdaughter shacks up with seven miners.
STAR WARS – A NEW HOPE: Religious extremist terrorists destroy government installation, killing thousands.
STAR WARS – THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK: Boy is abused by midget, kisses sister, attempts patricide.
STAR WARS – RETURN OF THE JEDI: Handicapped mass murderer kills septugenarian, is lauded.

Thanks to Dork Shelf for the above pic.




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