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The George Washington University, The Top Twittering College… Also THE Most Expensive College (Update: NOT the most expensive anymore!)

Well, not only has my alma matter, The George Washington University, remained the MOST EXPENSIVE college/university in the USA, according to CNN Money, but it’s now the #1 Twittering college/university. The coolest part though is the Washington Post article points out that this was a trait noticed by our current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates during lectures they gave to GWU students! I loved my time at GWU, I miss Washington, DC now.

Thanks to Brian for sending this article, he didn’t even GO to GWU! Also, thanks to Wikimedia Commons for the above pic.



*Update 10/15/2009 – Here is the official event details that brought both Hilary Clinton and Robert M. Gates to GWU, along with the video:

*Update 1/11/2010 – I’m happy to announce that The George Washington University is NO LONGER the most expensive college in the USA! Thanks must go to Sarah Lawrence College, Georgetown University and New York University for being $200-4000 dollars more expensive than The George Washington University!… sadly, Washington DC college students leave school with the highest level of debt in the USA! Which is reported by the Project on Student Debt.

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