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District 9 Review

District 9 is the latest Peter Jackson production, directed by Neill Blomkamp. It has gotten mixed reviews and after seeing the film, I can see why. If you have a faint stomach, I would skip this film, there are a lot of bodily functions on screen (vomiting and urinating) along with violently graphic death depicted with lots of goop.

On the other hand, those with fortified stomachs will find the film an interesting look at racism and inhumanity in the form of speciesism. It is interesting to watch the story unfold, especially throughout the beginning, where you’re just trying to figure out where the story is going and at the very end, where they really seemed to hit the right note on how the film should end. I also thought it was quite comical that they decided to include subtitles for a number of South Africans and Nigerians as they were speaking ENGLISH!

The special effects revolving around the “prawn” aliens is seamless throughout the film, but once the film got into more mechanical object related special effects, things seemed to get a bit less realistic. The other problem with the film, I thought was that it was shot in a documentary style, with interview footage, but there were so many scenes that were shot that could not have been caught by any documentarian, I wish that if they were going to film a movie in that way, they would keep a consistent style.

Thanks to A Subtle Knife for the pics.




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