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Are Fox News’ Ratings Rising with the Skirts?

I’m not the biggest fan of Fox News, but since so many people watch it, it’s probably good to tune in every once in a while to see what people are getting exposed to.

I was listening to the No Agenda podcast (subscribe here) and they found this article from IHateTheMedia that put together a few choice moments of live air with Fox News women wearing some of the shortest skirts I’ve seen outside of a plastic wrapped magazine. If this is a network wide strategy to boost ratings, I’m not too surprised that their ratings are busting through the roof… especially as the ratings are busting through its male viewers’ pants!

I’ll post the video below, there are a bunch of clips that are shown multiple times for effect, but it’s pretty funny. Thanks to IHateTheMedia for the above pic of Kiran Chetry.




October 5, 2009 8:59 am - Posted by | clips, podcasts, tv

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