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President Barack Obama’s Health Care Speech on Capitol Hill – September 9th, 2009

President Barack Obama spoke tonight on Capitol Hill, in a speech that touched on pretty much every talking point that has been in the media from both Republicans, Democrats and the news media. The president also, surprisingly in my mind, outlined many points that he mandated to be a part of any plan he was going to sign in 2009, including the extremely decisive public option. I included the full speech at the top of this post, along with the 5 minute official Republican response from Representative Charles Boustany below.

President Obama spent a bit of time praising both Democratic and Republican ideas, even calling out good ideas from certain Republicans by name. He mentioned former President George W. Bush‘s proposed medical malpractice reform pilot program, which the current President instructed the Department of Health and Human Services to initiate today, He mentioned his former opponent, Senator John McCain‘s idea to cover with basic insurance to the uninsured, before the President’s plan takes effect in 4 years along with McCain‘s bipartisan work with recently deceased Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Chuck Grassley‘s bipartisan work with Ted Kennedy on insuring children in the S-CHIP program.

I recommend everyone spend an hour listening to President Obama’s full speech, along with the short Republican response, but just in case, I’ll include a few clips from the speech below.

Thanks to C-SPAN, TPMtv and Youtube for the video.



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