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NYC Movies – Transformers, Public Enemies, The Hurt Locker and Funny People

Now that I am back in Grenada for medical school, I realized that while I was in NYC on vacation, I saw a good selection of movies without talking about them here.

Transformers was a great summer popcorn movie. If you want to ogle the amazing special effects art, explosions along with the amazingly beautiful women (all of which Michael Bay is a master at shooting), then this film will be great fun. The story though is sparse and unimportant to the movie itself, the story is probably a bit deeper than the original film, but that’s not saying too much. This movie has gotten a lot of heat in the press for it being racist against black people for two of the new transformers: the twins, with gold teeth and talking street, but the flaw in the argument is that these are ROBOTS, they have no color, they are not segregated out in any way. In my mind it is those select reviewers and critics, not the voice actors or the digital effects artists creating the on screen portrayals that affiliate these roles with stereotypically racist African-Americans. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, just don’t expect story to triumph with this one.

Public Enemies – This film puzzles me. I liked it a lot and even though it was almost two and half hours long, it didn’t feel that long (there may have been a scene or three that could have been shorter, but that’s about it), but there was something about this film that just didn’t click with me. Johnny Depp‘s performance was great as John Dillinger, maybe it was Christian Bale (Melvin Purvis) or Billy Crudup (J. Edgar Hoover), since they felt stiff, boring and yet I wanted more screen time from them, especially more from Hoover. Maybe the action scenes needed to be grander, the way it was shot it might we might have been too close to the action to appreciate it, but whatever it was, I was somewhat disappointed.

The Hurt Locker – This small film might just be my favorite film this year! I didn’t know anything about it going into the film other than that it followed a US military regimen who were defusing bombs in Iraq. I was surprised when I saw who was directing the film, since I was unfamiliar with her work, but Kathryn Bigelow really framed the story and shot the piece wonderfully. I was engrossed throughout. I liked seeing the celebrity cameos from some very familiar faces (Guy Pearce, Ralph Fiennes and David Morse) along with the cameo from an actor that most people probably aren’t familiar with, but Christian Camargo will be instantly familiar to any fan of the wonderful Showtime series: Dexter. You would think that constantly seeing this military crew attempting to defuse bomb after bomb would get repetative, but the nuance and suspense that the actors (especially Jeremy Renner) and the director brought to it just kept me glued to the screen. This film is definitely a success, it was great!

Funny People – I was lucky enough to see a sneak preview screening of Funny People a few days before this film was released (Thank you New York Observer). Judd Apatow shows how strong he is when he gets complete control by both writing AND directing a film again. He has been involved as producer in many films, but when he isn’t both writing and directing, it really shows and it usually feels like something is missing. Apatow knows how to craft a mature story that is genuinely funny. Seeing Adam Sandler‘s early career compared to him late in his career was great, it must have felt eerily autobiographical (at least a little) for Sandler. This was also the first film where I thought Jonah Hill was funny, I didn’t like him in Superbad or Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but here he was hilarious here and right on the mark. I loved all the not fat anymore jokes about Seth Rogen. Most of the last 30 minutes at Laura/Leslie Mann‘s home felt a bit long in the tooth, but regardless this was a very funny film. I still feel that The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up were better overall films from Apatow, but regardless, this film was better and more enjoyable a film overall than most comedies I get to see.

Thanks to captainkrash, firstshowing, cinematropolis and hearsay for the above pictures.



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  1. I like transformers and public enemies.

    Comment by transformers leader optimus prime | January 10, 2010 3:10 pm

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