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Pixar’s Up Review

There are very few things that will drive me to see a film when I know little to nothing about it. It’s pretty much only been when Woody Allen‘s name is mentioned as the director that this is the case, but now, I would have to add a Pixar production to that short list. I have learned that anything that Pixar produces is totally worth my time.

I knew nothing about this film Up, other than its title and that it was in 3D before walking into the theater, but I left so happy that I showed up. I had heard an early review from the Filmspotting folks (subscribe here) that there was some surprisingly mature subject matter that this film dealt with, but they were good not to reveal anything about it. There are very few films that have made me cry, but I think there were at least 3 or 4 separate times that I cried during this film. I won’t reveal too much, since I went into this film cold and loved that that was the case, but I feel that because Pixar premieres a 5 minute silent short film before each of their feature films, that they have become masters at silent storytelling. The opening 40 minutes of Wall-E were some of the best silent film making I had ever seen and now with Up, the silent montage that is in the beginning of the film was just stunningly emotional. There are some real adult themes that that montage deals with, but the way that Pixar handled it, I feel that the youngest of kids won’t be as emotionally effected by it than the adults in the crowd, I really must commend Pixar, it was excellently done.

There are many positives about this movie and the relationship between the old man and the scout is just great to watch, but I felt that the conflict that included the older explorer from the main character’s past was almost entirely unnecessary to the plot. If the film had remained an adventure movie, it would have served it better. The best scenes are the main character with his wife and the main character and the scout. I have to say though, if the film had just ended when the main character had walked back into his house with his mailbox, I would have felt that that alone was probably Pixar’s best short film to date. The only other criticism I had was that I didn’t feel that the 3D experience really added much to the film and it certainly wasn’t worth the extra cost to see the movie, $16.50 was a lot to pay to see this film, the storytelling was great, it was emotionally intense, but I would recommend seeing the regular big screen version of this film.

I think people of all ages should really see this film, there are very few films that truly earn their G rating for ALL AUDIENCES, but this is definitely one of those movies.

Thanks to Twitchfilm for the above pic.



June 15, 2009 10:48 pm - Posted by | movie reviews, movies, podcasts

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