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PBS NOVA Podcasts are a BIG Tease

I am a 24 year old NYC PBS member who has been personally donating to PBS for over two years now. My family have been PBS donors for over a decade. I love their programing, but I rarely watch it on television outside of its Saturday night movie lineup: Reel 13. I love watching all the online content, especially NOVA, but every time I watch the NOVA podcast (subscribe here), if I want to see more, I go right to their website and the full version of what I just watched in their podcast will not be posted online until it has aired on television a few days later.

This does not drive me to watch the show on television, I usually end up forgetting to go back a few days later to revisit PBS, so I don’t get to see the program until maybe a month later, if not missing the show entirely. If PBS is not going to post full NOVA episodes in the NOVA podcast feed (which I would LOVE), I would hope that they would wait to release the podcast until AFTER it has aired and has been published ONLINE. Television revolves around schedules, but online video needs to inherently be video available ON DEMAND.

I enjoy their shows and I understand if they want to promote their television shows, I just don’t like to get teased with a preview, then when I actually GO to their site in excitement, find out that I have to remember to come back days later to watch what I’ve already been enticed to watch from an interesting podcast preview.

Thanks to Learn Out Loud for the above image.


*Update 12-19-2008: Now, the full version of the NOVA episode on Absolute Zero, which I wanted to watch is now available online BEFORE it airs on television, YAY! Watch it here.


December 19, 2008 7:41 pm - Posted by | movies, NYC, podcasts, science, tv

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