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Optical Illusion Saturday – Faces

I’ve got to give credit to Mystery Can Dave for passing along these clips which really blew me away. It was one thing to read about how our brains interpret faces in psychology class, but it’s so much more powerful to SEE these illusions in action. The weird thing is that for the first clip, I only saw the illusion after the Chaplin head rotated the second time around, but once I saw it, it was something I couldn’t unsee.



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1970’s Chrysler Cordoba – Ricardo Montalban and Corinthian Leather

I could tie this article to the current financial crisis and the potential bailout of the big 3 US automakers (GM, Chrysler and Ford), but in reality, I just heard Leo Laporte and Dick DeBartolo talking about Ricardo Montalban and I just love this commercial for the Chrysler Cordoba, especially after finding out that the term Corinthian Leather really meant absolutely nothing while listening to episode 644 of the Daily Giz Wiz (subscribe here).

Enjoy the soothing style of Ricardo Montalbán.


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