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Religulous Film Review

Religion is very complicated. There are a lot of connections between the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Isam), both historical and geographical and Bill Maher‘s Religulous looks into some of these issues.

In this documentary, Maher goes around the world, visiting various places in Europe, America and the Middle East (He doesn’t touch on Asia or Africa). Maher is known for his angry/cynical comedy, but in this movie, he is in search of answers, usually “why?”.

Going into this film, I was concerned that he would be spending the entire movie making fun most aspects of religion. I was glad to be wrong in the end though, this film was HILARIOUS. The only people that Maher makes fun of throughout the film are people who genuinely seemed deserving of being made fun of, but I think that only ended up being 2-4 specific people, he did make fun of aspects of different religions though (ex: Mormonism‘s magical underwear). He spends most of the film though going around to different groups of people of a variety of faiths, asking them questions about what he feels is the absurdity of the underpinnings of their faith.

I think the most important aspect of this film is that Maher points out that 16% of the American public tells pollsters that they are athiests/agnostic/non-religious, making them an extremely large minority that is vastly underrepresented in politics and public life today. Being a member of this group myself, I didn’t realize just how large a group this is in the USA.

He doesn’t make too many friends during this journey and if you’re a religious person, you might not enjoy it when he starts poking holes in your beliefs, but I enjoyed this film, especially his interviews of the Vatican Astronomer and Vatican Priest (which I was not expecting in the slightest). I felt that these two people had the most answers to give Maher and were his intelectual equal, if not superior. If I could re-edit this film, I would have downplayed things like the Truck Stop Church and the Amsterdam pot smoking believer and added in more from the two Vatican interviews.

Thanks to Meet in the Lobby for the above pic.


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