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Apple’s New Announcements – Kevin Rose was Right

Well, it looks like Kevin Rose‘s leaked rumors were true. Steve Jobs announced today that Apple was releasing a new iPod Nano (8 and 16gb versions for $149 and 199 respectively) that looks exactly like the leaked photos, that they were reducing the prices on the iPod Touch (8, 16 and 32gb versions for $229, 299 and 399) and letting loose iTunes 8.0.

I was very surprised that the leaked Nano photos were legit though, the idea that Apple is moving from flat screen displays to a curved glass display is very strange. I could understand if they only curved the metal/plastic body, but curving the glass introduces a lot more reflections into your viewing experience and if they’re heavily promoting the video experience with these new players and their newer, larger screens, this is a very odd turn indeed. Remember the glare you used to get on your old tube televisions and monitors before they all went to the more expensive flat screen models?

Now, I haven’t gotten my hands on the new Nano yet, I’ll be heading over to an Apple store to get a hands on before my final judgement, but from what I’ve heard, they’ve vastly shrunk down the thickness of the Nano to an almost wafer thin state, which sounds quite nice.

The only other major change to their lineup is that they consolidated their iPod Classic lineup by cutting out both their 160 and 80gb versions and splitting the difference with a new thin 120gb version for $249. This was surprising since the new Zune was leaked to be only 120gb, but this brings down the high end version of the iPod Classic down to that same capacity for less than a dollar more than the rumored Zune.

Thanks to Engadget for the above pic and the best live blog of the entire event today.




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