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Swing Vote Review

I didn’t really think Swing Vote was going to be any good going in and I was not wrong. I saw this film because I love politics and have tried to keep on the bleeding edge of this years Presidential election and I wanted to see what, if anything this film would offer about elections in America. This turned out to be a bad movie, but I was surprised that there were scenes that did manage to make me laugh.

The biggest problem, that I could not get over was that the entire movie glorifies the federal felony committed within the first twenty minutes of the start of the film and what made it worse was that the character who finds out about this and you would expect to DO something about this, sits back and in the end HELPS keep the secret safe!

It was funny watching the fake political ads and seeing Nathan Lane and Dennis Hopper, it may be impossible for either of these two consumate professionals to come to work and give a bad performance. This is also probably the best performance I’ve seen out of Kevin Costner (sad but true) in a LONG time, probably since 3000 Miles to Graceland.

I definately recommend that this movie be skipped, go back and watch The Dark Knight again, you’ll have a much better time.



August 12, 2008 6:02 pm - Posted by | movie reviews, movies, politics

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