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Launchy vs Windows Desktop Search 4.0

I found this little program called Launchy and it is good if your want a quick (just press Alt+Space), simple search that specializes in programs and searching sites like Youtube, but then I went to Microsoft Update and saw that there was an optional update to their desktop search called Windows Search 4.0, it works for all versions of Windows from XP onwards. Download it here.

The big advantage of the Microsoft search tool is that you can add it as a toolbar onto your desktop and it can search the web using your default search engine, so when I tried that option, it actually opened a Firefox window for a Google search, when I was expecting it to open IE and do a Live search. I was pleasantly surprised by that.

It is also a pretty comprehensive search as well, when I used Launchy (which also works for Linux) to search for Backgammon, it came up w/ my backgammon game, but the windows search found my backgammon game as well as two different books I got from Project Gutenberg (A Tale of Two Cities and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) since it searched the text of those docs and found that they both mention backgammon. The search results are also fully accessible to commands like Copy, Rename, Delete, etc via right clicking and accessing the menu bar.

Thanks to WildWheelz for the above pic.


*Update September 4th 2008* After a few weeks of using both programs, I find Launchy immensly more useful a program and have taken the Windows Search Tool off of my taskbar to save space and system resources, while I have been using Launchy more and more.

August 9, 2008 4:44 pm - Posted by | technology, Windows

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  1. If you want to tie the two together then take a look at this page: http://tech.niques.info/launchy-search-using-wds/ Not my work, but I tried it out this morning and it works perfectly well. I did the same thing with Lanuchy and Google Desktop Search when I had that installed.

    Comment by Count Stex | October 27, 2008 8:10 am

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