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Energy Efficient Cars – the JFKesque 10 Year Plan

It has been a long time since John F. Kennedy put forth the idea that we would go to the Moon in the span of a decade, but we accomplished that goal. Today we may need our politicians to make some sort of similar inspirational proclamations.

I realized that from the Ford Model T through today, cars average 20-30 miles per gallon (thank you Ford and the US National Highway Traffic Safety for that little fact) and after almost 100 years, that is just NOT acceptable.

I would love to hear one of our candidates proclaim an initiative that within ten years, we would mandate that all car companies that wanted to sell their cars in the USA would have to maintain an average fuel efficiency of at least 100 miles per gallon (or the equivalent using alternative energy vehicles) across their entire fleet (cars and trucks combined). I know there will always be some people that need larger cars that are less fuel efficient, others just love their Hummers and then there are truckers who haul massive loads across the country, but if we can balance that out with other, extremely fuel efficient vehicles, this would do a lot to help our current problems dealing with energy costs/foreign oil/national security.

I implore either Senator Obama or Senator McCain to adopt this plan and fight for this idea… check that, I’d rather see BOTH candidates addopt this plan and vigorously fight to make it a reality. I also hope that any/all of the potential 3rd party candidates adopt this initiative as well.

If you agree, let the candidates hear that it by digging this story and sending this article to your campaign of choice. Tell McCain about this story. Tell Obama about this story. Tell the third party candidates about this story.



August 1, 2008 10:50 pm - Posted by | DC, Law, politics, science, technology, Washington, Washington DC


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  2. We had a Mazda 323 or whatever it was about 20 years ago. It got 42+ on the highway and was not a rotary engine. Now I see commercials for SUV hybrids claiming 35mph. Oh boy!

    Whatever happened?

    Comment by benafia | August 1, 2008 11:01 pm

  3. That is a very good article but do you think our politicians, and in particular Obama or McCain would do anything about this matter, I doubt if they’ll ever try. I hope the car manufacturers will find a quick solution for this.


    Comment by MBR | August 3, 2008 10:41 am

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