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I’m Gonna Git You Spamma! Mahalo Will Miss Veronica Belmont on Mahalo Daily

This is a GREAT video (probably my favorite from Mahalo Daily [subscribe here]) called I’m Gonna Git You Spamma! starring Veronica Belmont, which may have been inspired by 1970’s style Sexploitation, Blaxploitation or maybe just Quentin Tarantino.

Regardless of the inspiration though, Jason Calacanis and Mahalo are very smart, they use Youtube (the most famous video sharing site) to distribute their videos because they understand that youtube (and sites like it) can be use be a great free distribution method for their videos, which serves as amazing FREE advertising. If Mahalo had stuck to a proprietary video distribution method, like many sites have tried, it would make it that much harder for people to get to see their vidos and also to get people to try searching with Mahalo’s human powered search.

Sadly (for Mahalo), Veronica Belmont is leaving Mahalo Daily now for Revision3, where she has started co-hosting their show Tekzilla. I don’t mind this though, since I love watching Tekzilla and the addition of Ms. Belmont, just makes the show that much better.




April 24, 2008 1:23 am - Posted by | clips, crazy celebs, movies, podcasts, technology

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