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Fun Physics and Good Cops… Amazing

Thanks to this week’s episode of the Digg Reel, I found two things I rarely get to see, physics made interesting and a good, honest to goodness police officer caught on camera!

The first video is a promotion for Walter Lewin‘s amazing lectures he gives yearly at MIT. These lectures were crafted to keep his students having fun throughout learning all the complicated concepts underlying everything in our physical world, but the best part is that these lectures are available online for free from MIT, and also easily available through YouTube and iTunes. Physics I: Classical Mechanics (get it on iTunes or YouTube), Electricity and Magnetism (get it on iTunes or YouTube) and Physics III: Vibrations and Waves (get it on iTunes or YouTube) are all taught by Professor Lewin, who seems both crazy and a whole lot of fun to learn from!

The next video just makes me feel good.

There is always so much news about bad cops, but we rarely hear about police doing a good job and there are a lot more cops doing a good job, they just don’t make the news!

I’m not a huge fan of Jessica Corbin, but this week’s episode of the Digg Reel was hosted by Andrew Bancroft, which was a nice improvement.



March 24, 2008 7:09 pm - Posted by | clips, college, lectures, New England, podcasts


  1. :)

    Good read bro!

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  2. :)

    Good read! Thank you!

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