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Randy Pausch’s Inspirational “Last Lecture”

This is a lecture created by Randy Pausch from Carnegie Mellon University. He was invited to give this version of the lecture onto Oprah‘s show after Dr. Mehmet Oz recommended him.

The lecture is both inspirational and tragic at the same time, but the whole thing is very interesting to see and hear. If you want to see more clips, there is an extensive archive of Randy’s lectures here.Thanks to The Digg Reel (get it here on iTunes) for serving up this clip based on it’s Digg ranking.

On a different note, last year I got to meet Dr. Oz at a NYC cardiology conference, he was an interesting guy who was a real presence everywhere he went.



March 15, 2008 3:13 am - Posted by | clips, college, lectures, podcasts

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  1. The body was desined to protect itself. There is a way and the doctors are not going to help you. They dont have an answer. A master Herbelest Dr Richard Schultz This is not a commercial. I have no ties just look and listen.

    Comment by J.H. | April 12, 2008 8:04 pm

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