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Mark Zuckerberg vs Steve Ballmer’s Keynote Performances

After hearing about the disastrous keynote at SXSW by Mark Zuckerberg and the interviewer, Sarah Lacy, I heard about Steve Ballmer giving a keynote at Microsoft Mix 08.

Here you can watch Steve Ballmer’s keynote from Microsoft Mix, just be warned, you need to have Microsoft Silverlight to watch the streaming version, but you can download that here. If you don’t want Silverlight, you can stream the video here. If you don’t have an hour to watch the whole keynote, you can read about it here from iStartSomething. Ballmer‘s even interactive with the interviewer, Guy Kawasaki, chiding him about how his Toshiba laptop is lighter than Kawasaki‘s MacBook Air. Kawasaki also did a great thing that didn’t happen during the Zuckerberg interview, he opened up the interview to audience questions for the last 20 minutes before anyone was clamoring for it to happen and through those audience question, Ballmer even makes fun of his previous antics while talking about developers…

by showing his support for web developers.

I was skeptical about Steve Ballmer taking over Microsoft after Bill Gates leaves. Now, I’m still a bit skeptical, but MUCH less so after seeing this keynote. He even gave out his email address two times during the interview (steveb@microsoft.com)!




March 10, 2008 7:44 pm - Posted by | clips, software, technology

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