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Xdrive Desktop Lite

I’ve been using Xdrive as an online backup for almost a month now since I hate backing up to CD/DVD (for me, DVDs are for movies). On February 25th though, Adobe released their new AIR software and Xdrive, probably due to it’s affiliation with AOL‘s resources, was able to come out with a desktop application, Xdrive Desktop Lite, using the Adobe AIR core technology on that same day and I’ve been testing it ever since.

Thusfar, I have had a great experience with the new software. I like that I can drag a file from Windows directly into my Xdrive account and even host that file if I needed to show off any Photoshop work I’ve done… like this, which I created for this sci-fi topic.

It would be nice if you could drag files/folders FROM the Xdrive Lite program back to your computer’s hard drive (not just the virtual folders the program creates at the bottom of the window) and I also hope they update the left side folder bar and add a trash can/recycle bin so I could drag and drop files to throw them out, but the program is still in beta, so they’ve got some wiggle room. It could look something like this though:

Thanks Download Squad for the above pic.


March 7, 2008 11:08 pm - Posted by | dvd, software, technology, Windows

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