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Drop.io New York City based file sharing site


Today I was listening to the latest episode of Net@Nite where they interviewed the founders of Drop.io, a New York City based (they’re already on my good side), online storage company that specializes in security, anonimity and sharing. It’s an odd combination, but it allows you to save documents and files in numorous ways. Probably the most useful aspect of this for a lot of people is to create a free drop page and you will be given a fax number and voicemail that you can give out to people. Maybe half a dozen times a year, someone will want to fax something to me and I don’t want to buy a fax machine! This way, I can just give out one of my Drop.io assigned fax numbers (856-632-7637 or 856-632-7640) and people just have to add this cover page to what they want to send me. I thought that alone was interesting enough that I just set up a link on the sidebar of this site to my Drop.io/master1228 page in case anyone wants to send files to me (thanks for the idea Leo).

I think the voicemail number provided would be a useful tool for women (or men) to give out at a bar when they meet someone, but don’t want to give out their main phone number or if they wanted to post their number on a social network (like Facebook or MySpace) without fear of someone they don’t want, to find their phone number.



March 7, 2008 11:31 pm - Posted by | New York, NYC, technology

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  1. Подскажите шооблончег под WordPress 2.6.2, чтобы был похож на ваш raad.wordpress.com.

    Заранее благодарю)

    Comment by stamync | October 6, 2008 11:28 pm

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