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I wasn’t sure what to make from the trailers for Semi-Pro, it looked a bit stupid to be honest, but after watching the film, I realize it was COMPLETELY stupid, but in probably the funniest possible way. I loved this movie, I was laughing so loudly during so many different scenes, it was great seeing Andy Richter in the film as well, I always like seeing him, I wish his career had really taken off after he walked away from being the Late Night with Conan O’Brien sidekick.

It was also great seeing Maura Tierney in the movie, it was odd seeing her though, since the last movies I saw with her in it were Insomnia and Scotland, Pa. I’m used to seeing her on the now defunct Newsradio and ER. Her storyline with Woody Harrelson brought a little bit of cinema into what was otherwise a pure comidic farce of a film.

Without giving anything away, having scenes like that the bear fight and the origin of commonplace modern basketball moves really made this a killer comedy.

Thanks to Film School Rejects for the above poster pic.


March 6, 2008 9:47 pm - Posted by | basketball, comedians, movie reviews, movies, sports, tv

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